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my friend Shelly designs jewelry. here's her site. i am not a fancy jewelry person, but she made me a necklace with my daughters' names on it, and i wear it all the time. she also made them bracelets with their names on them, and then necklaces with the star of david in the middle. beautiful! GO SHELLY!

milk and such

Yesterday I purchased our first gallon of Shatto milk, and it's almost gone! It's DELICIOUS and it's comething I can feel good about buying (organic, local, and packaged in glass that I can return to the store for reuse/recyling). Woohoo! While I was at the store today, I left a note in the suggestion box. I asked what it would take to stop offering/using plastic bags at checkout. I wrote that Whole Foods is doing this very thing next week in honor of Earth Day. I realize there are probably lots of reasons stores use them, but honestly, we all need to be more responsible. I'm sure it costs more.

Maybe they could offer a discount on their reusable bags a few days a month....or give some out free to customers spending more than $10 or something. I'm not sure paper bags are much better than plastic---yes, they ultimately break down, but they still create more trash. Target is now selling reusable bags, as are most grocery stores here....so why do we still have the plastic ones at all? I think it is up to US, but stores could help push people in that direction. Consumers have a responsibility, but if they go to the store and there are no plastic bags, then maybe they'll change their ways or realize, or at the very least be forced to consider other options.

What about you? Where you live, are stores (of any/all kinds) offering reusable bags? Is this becoming a trend? I do hope so. I see it here, but I'm not sure if it's happening everywhere. It should be.

I also wrote the owner of Shatto Milk and thanked him for his efforts and all that he is doing for our planet, our people, and our cows. One person CAN make a difference.


so irritated....

I took the girls to the park this morning. We walked there, or I did, and pushed them in their stroller. Good exercise for me, fresh air for all of us, and my gas-hogging SUV stayed in the garage, thus being somewhat green.

Today is garbage day for our neighborhood, so everyone's trash and recycling was at the curb.

Walking down several blocks, I noticed the refuse in several cans----including things like newspapers, milk cartons, and plastic containers of butter. WHAT THE HELL?!?!!?! No, I am not die hard about this green thing, but I feel pretty strongly and I do what I can. To me, if you can't do something as BASIC as putting recyclable materials in a bin at the curb to be picked up, then SHAME ON YOU! I don't understand people---even the laziest person can just put papers and milk jugs out at the curb in a separate receptacle designated for recycling.


On another note, I ordered my Diva Cup today. No more tampons for me. Too much trash. Thank you, Christy, for telling me about this and encouraging me to try it.

I am also buying Shatto milk (www. shattomilk.com), which is local and only comes in glass bottles----good for the environment since they are reused/recycled. The milk tastes better since it's in glass, and the cows aren't given any growth hormones, etc...I've been buying organic milk for a long time, but that's not enough---b/c even the organic milk I buy (usually Horizon), comes in a paper carton. When I buy this milk, I take the empty bottles back to the grocery store to be reused. WOOHOO!!!

We will also be going to the Farmer's Market this Saturday.

I am trying. I'm not noimpact man, but I'm trying hard in lots of little ways.


my friend christy just told me about....


check it out!

love this!



very very tired

i am very tired.
miss abby has been waking frequently at night for the last several weeks. not every night necessarily, but most nights. and asking for water, guzzling it. last night she got up 5 times, which is excessive and more than usual (average per night is usually 1-3 times). my girls have always been great sleepers and we run a pretty tight ship at home with regular nap times and bedtime, etc.

so last night she was up 5 times, and the two nights before that she was up 3 times each. i am exhausted. she mostly goes right back to sleep afterwards, but it takes me longer. so i am extremely tired. dan has not been much help, but it doesn't seem fair for me to make him handle it at night since he works so hard all day (and some nights, too!). i called the pediatrician's office this morning to get some advice, but instead they want to see her and make sure there's nothing wrong. the excessive waking to drink water at night can sometimes just be a typical toddler "thing," but i think if it was merely a game she would take only one or two sips and be done; this is GUZZLING. this is gulping and gulping without taking a breath until she can barely stand it anymore, stops, takes a huge gasp, and resumes gulping. my girls drink a normal amount during the day, or at least i think so....milk with each of 3 meals and water in between....and like i said, this is very unusual, and has only been happening for the last 3 weeks or so. but i've had enough, and if there's nothing medically wrong i am hopeful the doctor can help me figure out how to stop it.

we had a fun weekend, but it was cold and snowed both days---just flurries, but still very frustrating. we also mowed the yard for the first time this spring. we got the girls their first tricycles a few weeks back, but have not yet assembled them due to the weather. tomorrow is supposed to be nice, so perhaps i can get my act together later so they can use them! we'll see.

tomorrow night we are going to the symphony for the Jewish Federation's 75th anniversary. a fundraiser. we rarely go out on weeknights, so this is special. and friday night another fundraiser, but this time for the Alzheimer's Association. dan's grandmother had Alzheimer's and so it's a cause near and dear to our hearts. we are hosts for the evening and have invited several other friends to go with us. saturday night we are going to a Passover seder (with the girls, so i'm nervous). i'm really looking forward to it, but hoping that the girls can handle it and not get too cranky/squirmy....we shall see!

in other news, christy's wedding is only a little over a month away! i can't believe it! my mom arrives a month from tomorrow to stay with the girls for the weekend while we go to memphis---WOOHOO!!!!

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