Patagonia--Common Threads Recycling Program

Worn out Patagonia Capilene baselayers, Patagonia cotton t-shirts, all Patagonia fleece and Polartec fleece from other manufacturers are now recyclable through Patagonia's Common Threads Recycling Program.

Drop off your tired old garments at a Patagonia store, participating Patagonia dealer or send to the Patagonia service center, ATTN:Common Threads Recycling Program, 8550 White Fir St., Reno, NV 89523. They'll recycle it.


Also, American Apparel is a store that offers clothing in 100% organic cotton. Check it out:

last night was awful

last night we took the girls to Family Shabbat at our synagogue. Family Shabbat is a special once-a-month service where children are invited to participate/attend (all other Friday nights, the young ones are encouraged to play upstairs with baby sitters during the service). last night was the second time we'd brought abby and izzy---the first time was two months ago, for Purim, and they LOVED it.

yesterday was a challenge to begin with (long before it was time to dress and leave for temple), as the girls took brief naps and were cranky even before that. i called dan at 1:30 when they both woke up to warn him we might be skipping out of services. he indicated perhaps services would distract them and be a pleasant way to spend the evening. i relented but was feeling wary of our/his decision.

as soon as we got there, they began running around (which is expected, and not too bad). then they distributed musical instruments to all the kids so they could "help" play music during the service. the girls were offered some tambourine-like things, but only izzy took one. she proceeded to whack her sister with it repeatedly, and also managed to take a chunk out of daddy's new glasses while she took a brief respite on his lap to catch her breath from all the running. they ran up and down the stairs to the bimah while rabbi was talking (but initially they were being very quiet while doing so, so i wasn't too concerned), and up and down the long aisle dividing the pews. they refused to sit down with us. i couldn't cajole them with coloring books, stickers, or sips of water. they seemed to know exactly what we didn't want them to do. and they did it with gusto.

then both girls opened the door to the rabbi's office (which is just off the main room we were in) and i scrambled to get them out. they both immediately began throwing a tantrum. i pulled them out into the hall to try and talk them out of it, but the damage was done---I'd said a firm "no," and they were NOT happy. i signaled to dan that we needed to head out and grabbed my diaper bag and their sippy cups. we high-tailed it out of there only 15 minutes into the service. i was sweating, swearing under my breath, and trying to slink out of there like a dog with its tail between its legs. i've never been that mortified in my life.

I got home and quickly emailed rabbi an apology and promised him we would not attempt to bring the girls back to services until they are considerably older and that dan and i would get a sitter next time and come just the two of us (which would be quite nice, actually---we wouldn't have to chase anyone around the entire time and instead be able to really participate and enjoy the service). rabbi wrote me back and assured me it was fine, no harm done, and suggested i call him because he has some thoughts to share. i'm nervous about calling him given our "performance" last night. he is the sweetest man, but i am still really embarrassed. my kids aren't bad (generally speaking), but they can be a handful when cranky, and there's also the "monkey see, monkey do" factor. oy vey!

whew. kids are sure an amazing experience!


it ain't easy bein' green.....

each day i seem to feel like i don't do enough....

so i just ordered a neat-o drying rack for clothes. we have a VERY small laundry room, which is also a half bath. there will be limited space to do this, so i also ordered a regular clothesline that i'll have dan put on the wall above the washer and dryer to hang a few more things (probably little/light things like the girls' clothes)....no, i won't be drying everything on the rack/line, but every little bit helps, and the less i have to use my dryer (especially in the heat of summer), the better.

i've thought about drying clothes outside, but you have to consider things like bird droppings, squirrels, bunnies, etc.....it might end up defeating the purpose and result in having to buy more clothes to replace whatever gets ruined outdoors....who knows. i may try it and see....

the epilepsy foundation mailed us a card because next week they are driving through our neighborhood to pick up donations. we get cards like this very frequently from all sort of organizations, but i've never gotten one from EF and so i thought i should be fair and give them a load of stuff. i've got a lot of the girls' old clothing and some baby toys in particular. so this is another way to be green/recycle---finding new uses for old things and not just putting stuff in the trash because we're done with it. and it's the perfect excuse to get some more organizing/weeding out done around here.

we went shopping at whole foods this morning....i love that place, but i haven't been lately (because it's not nearby, which means the gas i use to get there obliterates whatever green shopping i'm doing there that day, right?). got some ground sirloin to make burgers tonight and some butternut squash to go with. no buns. trying to lessen the carb load in preparation for christy's wedding. but i'm not so good at sticking with that program for long periods at a time....i have a terrible sweet tooth!


my letter in the paper


scroll down until you see the one entitled, "Regarding Garbage."
in today's local paper!

AND (drum roll), I ordered two books on composting from Amazon....will let you know when they get here and I have some time to glance through them and get started. Woohoo!

I love this---found on another blog......it sounds like my life....

"Rockin out" During Nap Time by Shawnee Shahroody Spitler

Submitted by Susan on Sun, 03/09/2008 - 6:41pm.

They are down. I tiptoe past their doors barely breathing, listening for a sound. Please save your applause, my two boys (3 months old and 2 years old) are sound asleep AND at the same time, no less. With extra bounce, called glee, relief, freedom call it what you like, I fly down the stairs open the front door and place my note on the doorbell. "Please do not ring or knock, babies sleeping, thanks!" Really it says, you touch that f*&%$!g door or bell and I will mow you down. Do not disturb the sacred naptime. Don't you dare.

The high sets in and I am giddy with options, I could call my best friend, email, pay bills, spend an hour on the phone with the health insurance representative, work out on the Stairmaster, do sit ups, drink gallons of coffee and eat cookies, read, write, sleep, sit on the couch and stare out the window, laundry, watch DVDs, cry, pluck my eyebrows, paint my toes, pumice down the calluses on the bottom of my feet, clean every messy, disorganized drawer, shelf, and closet in my house that grates on my nerves, I could paint walls, caulk around the sink, and sweep the floor. I could clean toilets with a vengeance! I could do any of these things, but I don't. I plug my headset into my ears and turn up the iPod, really loud, so loud I can feel KT Tunstall pulsing in my chest and am assured I am killing the eardrums and bringing early on set of senior citizen deafness. My husband would say it's too late. "Huh, what did you say, honey?" " I feel like walking the world, you can tell she is a beautiful girl, beautiful girl…" "Suddenly I see, this is what I want to be, suddenly I see, suddenly I see, why the hell this means so much to me..."

My feet start moving, and shoulders and head start swaying. I hope the neighbors aren't watching. But who cares, right, I feel crazy, I am crazy, let loose, this is my one moment to forget. I suddenly understand that story my friend told me over ale in an English pub the summer of '97 about her aunt, a Midwest soccer mom, model member of the community, church going, who would get high on cocaine, crank up the music and vacuum the house naked while the kids were at school and husband at work.

I can remember when I lost my mind. Prolonged sleep deprivation. That is the culprit. It is temporary insanity of course, well sort of temporary. Could it be a justifiable defense in court? If the "Twinkie defense" worked. This is what I think about.

And this is my day today. I care for my charming and cheeky toddler and sweet infant, navigate through sound and enlightened parenting principles (thinking I am going to do it better than my parents), no time for self care, defend my frayed nerves from their cries and whining, carry my baby by sling despite my back aches, adhere to my bible, Dr. Weissbluth's "Healthy sleep habits, happy child" (It really should read "healthy sleep habits, happy parents"), clean up at a minimum fallen magnets, blocks and my sons' collection of pine needles, and change diapers size 2 and size 5.

Thoughts of getting in a car alone and driving to the airport pass through my head while I pick up crushed Rice Chex from under the toddler table. Now should I have given my son timeout for purposefully crushing Chex with his adorable two-year-old thumb? It was a cause and effect experiment. He is going to be a scientist when he grows up. He was thinking, if I take an intact Chex and apply all the pressure I can muster through my thumb, wow, it turns into a million little pieces. And to test his hypothesis, he sampled the experiment, over and over and over. Hypothesis was confirmed.

There it goes, there goes my bottom, shaking in all its post partum glory, to KT's beat. That is what it takes to let the beat take over, to let go. Watch out, here come the arms, turn, turn. Oh, the doorframe works for me. Memories of dancing on the bar counter in a skinny sequined top with my girlfriends in some funky bar in San Francisco incarnate this heavier body adorned in yoga pants, sweatshirt and holey socks. The socks are great for the pergo floor, slide, turn, and slide. I was twenty something on that bar counter and looking for a husband. I wanted the love of my life to start a blissful family; we would have love children, backpack together in the mountains and embark on international travel across the Far East each carrying a child. My advertisement read, across the back side of my tight size 6 jeans; "I am fun, sexy, passionate, capable and ambitious, just ask - I am in law school, I am great with kids, I am the love of your life and I will give birth to your children." Don't ask what my yoga pants, post partum pounds, sweatshirt, and holey socks are advertising today.

I feel the music more now than I ever did in my twenties. I may have more grays but I have the "power to be, the power to give, the power to see." There is nothing like letting go for a stay at home mom of two lil ones. There is a desperation that pushes through and pulses in my heart with each beat. It feels like a jailbreak, a display of fireworks. My twenty year old says, wait a minute, I am still here. Dance, dance. The thirty something's life experience merges with the twenty something's light heart. My body and the beat just take over, head shakes, hair flying, and arms in the air. My entire "me" is "rockin out" during naptime. My arm accidentally jerks an earphone out and I hear my two year old crying. Naptime is over.

Shawnee Shahroody Spitler is a freelance writer, located in Bend, Oregon and stay at home mom.



What a day....and it's not even close to over!

So this morning we had lots of errands to run....

First we had to stop at the post office. Next we went to Babies R' Us (which is a 30-minute drive, unfortunately, but Target did not have what we needed) to buy some training pants and rubber pants to go over those (to aid in cleanup from accidents which are bound to happen). Then to Once Upon A Child to deliver some of the girls' old clothing for resale. Whatever they don't take, I donate to various charities.

After being in the car and doing a lot of in-and-out of the car, the girls were understandably cranky and hungry. So I figured they would love to stop at Winstead's for lunch (one of their favorite haunts, think: kid-friendly diner w/ lots of french fries for them and giant diet cokes for mom. ok, french fries for mom, too!). This apparently wasn't up Izzy's alley. She instead chose to throw herself onto the floor with gusto. On her back, legs and arms thrashing about. Sunglasses on, Nemo clutched defiantly in her hand. Crying, ruddy cheeks, snot flowing, the whole bit.

What she was crying about, I haven't got a clue. I suppose when you are two, you don't necessarily need a reason or an explanation. I stuffed my disgust (thinking about all the germs and bacteria on the restaurant floor that were leaching onto her clothes/skin/hair) and tried several tactics. I tickled first. This produced reluctant laughter, but not enough to stop the crying. Then I tried ignoring her completely. This only exacerbated matters. I began apologizing to the waitress and the other restaurant patrons. I threatened spanking. To no avail. I told her she couldn't have her grilled cheese and french fries unless she stopped throwing her fit. Um, still no effect. She did not stop until the waitress came bearing the bevy of fried and fattening food. She promptly hopped to her feet, Nemo in tow, and jumped into the booth as if nothing was wrong and she hadn't just been crying her eyes out for the last 20 minutes. LOVE IT.

We came home afterwards and took Monster for a long walk and played outside for a bit, trying to make up for a long boring morning. Put them down for naps at 12:45, and like clockwork, Abby woke up at 1:45. I cannot seem to get anything more than an hour out of her and it is endlessly frustrating. If she woke up in a good mood, I wouldn't care. But no, she's acting like a little hag.

Hmph. Two-year-olds. 'Nuff said.

i love michael cera.....


ok, so maybe it's a little like robbing the cradle? or not so much since i'll never even come fact-to-face with him. but i must admit i have a total crush on michael cera.....

BioBags for Dogs

Okay, I think I've got an idea.
What I'm going to *try* to do is think of one more way to be green every month. I would say once every week, but I don't want to start out too ambitious and then wreck everything and get all down on myself.

So here's my newest green thing:

I went to Petco yesterday and bought several boxes of 100 % biodegradable poop scoop bags for Monster. I'm sure the greenest way to deal with dog poop is to let it break down and become fertilizer; however, not picking up after your dog is illegal here, not to mention the fact that my kids like to play in the yard. I've always scooped, but now I can feel good about it! There are 50 bags in a box, and I think I paid $7 for each box. To me, it's worth it. They are 100 % compostable.

check out:



Why Whole Foods Rocks My World


this actually happened last week...no more plastic bags there, period! woohoo!!!


in love with these shoes!


i really really want to get these to wear in christy's wedding....i can't stop thinking about them! which is silly because i'm not a shoe person (because i have big feet so i do not like calling attention to them)....which may be all the more reason to get them?!?!?!

Poem Du Jour

I'm Nobody! Who are you?
Are you Nobody, too?
Then there's a pair of us----don't tell!
They'd banish us, you know.

How dreary to be Somebody!
How public like a frog
To tell your name the livelong day
To an admiring bog!

--Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)

sleeping children are the best.....

izzy sleeping....

and Abby sleeping...


This is my niece, Livy, playing at my mom's house recently. Isn't she cute? I wish we lived closer so my girls could see her more often....

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