Today was the first time we picked up our items from our CSA group. We got a baguette, some tofu, hydroponic tomatoes, a whole chicken and a ton of eggs....salsa and rosemary were two other choices, but we already had lots of both at home. you can swap out items you don't like or don't want for double the amount of other items if you choose. so that's why i wound up with a ton of eggs. i made egg salad and tuna salad (i put hard boiled eggs in my tuna salad, too) to start....and we'll have eggs for breakfast tomorrow, too. We'll use the tofu in some stir-fry later this week, and the rest is pretty easy, too. we got a list of what we'll get next week but i haven't really looked at it yet. the girls were being monsters when we were picking everything up. SO BAD.

Dan and I were going to see a movie tonight, but he's on call and just left to do a gall bladder. I canceled our sitter and am currently watching my kids fight over blankies and stuffed animals. Just how I love spending a Saturday night! Honestly I wasn't feeling like going out anyway, so it's for the best.

Monday is Maren and Mackenna's 2nd birthday party (another set of twins we're friends with), so we're heading over there in the afternoon to celebrate. Dan's golfing in a tournament that morning....and that's what our holiday weekend looks like....

Maybe this will entertain you. Going to detail an actual dialogue going on right about now.

Abby: "It's MINE."
Izzy: "No, Abby, it's MINE. MY NEMO."
Abby comes over to where I'm sitting and says, "Abby sit this chair. Abby sit this chair. GET UP, MOMMY. GET UP, MOMMMMMMY!"

me: "No, Abby, Mommy is not going to get up. This is Mommy's chair."
Abby: "No, this ABBY's chair." stomping off furiously.

Izzy: "Swiper A Box, Mommy," Izzy says. (This would actually be Swiper the Fox from Dora)
Izzy now has some of their toy/play cooking utensils and is stirring furiously. "Blueberries in there. Blue spoon. Big spoon." Takes pretend bite, "Eat Izzy's oatmeal with spoon."

Abby: "Izzy, MY DINNER. It's MY dinner, Mommy!" Abby screams.
Abby is now throwing all of their play food/utensils onto the floor.
Izzy's handing me the spoon. "Bite, Mommy? This tastes good. MmMmmM." smacking noises.
"Here Mommy," Izzy hands me the bowl. "Izzy needs more," and takes it back.

Incidentally, Izzy is wearing slippers. One of hers and one of Abby's. One is a Nemo, the other is a duck. Funny to watch her walking around in her jammies and slippers. Abby is fortunately not a slipper fan since Izzy's swiped one of her slippers. She has just in the last 48 hours started placing her hands on her hips, which is REALLY funny.

ok, must dash. have a good night!




I am waiting for Rabbi to call me back. He left me a message this morning that he'd spoken with Rabbi L and has something interesting to tell me. He said, "Don't worry, it's all good!" I am a little nervous again.....

I ordered several books from Amazon.com this morning, all Jewish subjects, for the girls. I am really excited. I can't wait for them to arrive. My own education needs to continue as well---I told Rabbi I have lots of books (I love Anita Diamant), including his, entitled "Accessible Judaism," but have only just begun reading it. I don't have a lot of time for reading...the main issue is that most of it happens to fall at the end of a long day when I am exhausted and can't summon the energy to focus on anything I read. I told Rabbi this and he nodded in agreement but pointed out that I have other disciplines (he said, "you are skinny, so I see you avoid eating chocolates..." lol), and this is no different. he's right. it's time.

I will post again later once I speak with him and get the scoop.


tired, but happy

I feel like a huge weight's been lifted from my shoulders---a very heavy, tedious weight that's been around for a long time.

Today I ended up meeting with Rabbi C for a bit. He read the email I sent him earlier inquiring about books for the girls. He suggested I check out the synagogue's library rather than running out to buy books. Fine with me! I was so nervous because I hadn't seen or spoken with him since the debacle at the last Family Shabbat service we attended. He assured me that although the girls were wild that night everyone understood and it wasn't the end of the world....But I'm also nervous around him because I feel like I'm not Jewish enough---a feeling that's been hanging around for years, a feeling that originated when Dan and I got engaged and we had some meetings with Rabbi L, who married us in New Orleans.

Then we got to talking about some other things. I really want my girls to grow up learning everything: the beliefs, the values, the traditions, etc. It's all very important to me....so he mentioned a group of mothers that gets together once a month---moms who are raising Jewish children---and I thought it was a little odd, because the group is for non-Jewish women who are married to Jewish men. I was taken aback, but this attitude is similar to the one exhibited by Rabbi L 7 years ago....Rabbi L didn't consider me Jewish (even though my mother is, so I am Jewish by birth) because I didn't have a bat mitzvah and hadn't really been raised in a Jewish household. But that's a whole 'nother story. Anyway, I don't even remember what I said or how it came up, but he realized/remembered I'm Jewish (we only joined the synagogue last fall and have not been a big presence there yet b/c of the girls)....and long story short, I started crying when he told me I was being silly, that "of course you're a Jew," and that Moses didn't have a bar mitzvah, and that didn't make him any less Jewish. I laughed. He gave me a big hug. This is one of the differences between a Reform Rabbi (our current Rabbi, Rabbi C) and a more Conservative Rabbi (Rabbi L, who married us).

I'm sure this is all getting very confusing to you, but it made my day. I left with some books for the girls and feeling like a real bona fide Jew. Laugh if you want, but that's something I've wanted for a long time.

New Orleans Levee is Leaking

From an article in today's Kansas City Star:

"Despite more than $22 million in repairs, a levee that broke with catastrophic effects during Hurricane Katrina is leaking again.

"Over the past few months the Army Corps of Engineers found evidence that canal water is seeping through the joints in the sheet metal and then rising to the surface on the other side of the levee, forming puddles and other wet spots."

Donald Jolissaint, chief of the corps' technical support branch in New Orleans, denied the problem at the 17th Street Canal is serious. "I personally do not at all believe that this little wet spot is anything that is going to cause a breach or a failure of any kind," he said.

Jew stuff

I just emailed our rabbi and a close friend of mine to get some tips/advice.

I really want to find some books geared towards toddlers to teach them about being Jewish, the Jewish holidays, Shabbat (the Sabbath, every Friday night from sundown to Saturday at sundown), etc. Although I am Jewish by birth, my own family didn't really observe any Jewish traditions. My husband is Jewish and was raised quite the opposite. Everything I know I learned by reading or from the Jewish family who essentially "adopted" me during and after my college years. I also befriended a Millsaps professor who was Jewish and she brought me to services in Jackson, too....

Tomorrow night I am going to try to make Shabbes for the first time by myself. I bought challah this morning (we have challah regularly and the girls love it), but I have never lit the candles and recited the blessings on my own. I am nervous, but I want to do this for the girls, for us. I want them to have a sense of who they are, their heritage, where they come from. But it's hard to do that when I didn't grow up that way. I always identified myself as a Jew, and longed for a sense of belonging to something bigger. I could have read more about it when I was younger, I suppose, but I didn't really do much about it until I met the Fuhrmans in New Orleans. I met them right after I graduated from high school; I was 17, and the Fuhrmans had 3 daughters: Sarah (then 3), Melissa (then 1 1/2), and Allison, a newborn. I did a lot of babysitting for them. I also spent lots of my free time there, too. Laura, their mother, is a good friend and she and her girls taught me most of what I know. I am really grateful to them for that.

I someday hope to learn as much as my daughters will....I originally thought I could learn along with them, so to speak. But I think since I am older my brain won't be as receptive, say, to the Hebrew alef-bet. So I may have to really start sooner and make a real effort. I would like to enroll in a class, but I think the girls are still a bit young and schedules are tough. We'll see.

Anyway, wish me luck tomorrow night!


i forgot....


i forgot to add that i love the line about the girl who "smells like soup."


losing it

i am going out of my mind. my kids are taking turns slamming a door (one daughter on either side of said door). whomever gets the door slammed in her face spends about 3 minutes screaming and crying about it. they switch off, then the fun starts all over again.


on another note, we went to the grocery store this morning. i got all the way through the checkout line (paid, bagged, etc.) before i realized i forgot a crucial ingredient for tonight's dinner. as i was lamenting this and making a futile attempt to corral my children and coerce them back into the store, another cashier took pity on me and asked me what I'd forgotten. "Limes," I yelped, as Izzy grabbed onto me with her hands and let go, leaving her full weight on a strap of my tank top. "Two of them, please!" I called after her. Bless that woman. She came back within about 30 seconds, I paid for the limes, and we dashed. I really appreciate the kindness of strangers. I have encountered similar situations before, and I think people just feel sorry for me when they see I have lost all control over my kids.


Video of my bad dancing at Christy's wedding....

me with Adele and Brooke at Christy's wedding reception.

Izzy's Rendition of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"

the wedding

So, the wedding was absolutely lovely. I am not the best at posting pics and figuring out how to put the captions with them unless I post them all individually. I will work on that....

Christy was a beautiful bride, I loved meeting her family and friends, especially Whitley and Rhonda...I feel like now all the stories I've heard can fit properly in the catalog in my brain....I can now put faces with names, which is cool. Bret is a very lucky man, but surely he knows that already. Bret, please be sure to remember the Golden Rule: Your wife is ALWAYS right.

I LOVED being a bridesmaid (my first time), and despite the minor hair disaster, all went well. I think Christy enjoyed herself, too, which of course is the most important thing. Dan got to play golf all weekend, so he was happy he didn't have to hang around during our spa day and other assorted/related female activities prior to the wedding.

My mom survived her weekend with the girls, and managed to take them to the park, out to eat, to Lawrence, KS, to visit her sister/my aunt, Maureen, and she even cleaned up all the pollen/tree droppings from our yard...despite my insistence that she not clean up! She also washed and vacuumed my car (um, does that mean my car was gross, mom?) and washed her sheets and towels. This was, obviously, a huge help to me, but not necessary and I worry she did herself in trying to keep up with all the other things around the house....mom, thank you for taking such good care of the girls so that Dan and I could enjoy a weekend off/away. Christy, your wedding would not have been nearly as lovely for you or for us if our children had been in attendance!

I will try to post more later, but we're getting back into our routine at home and the girls are a tad cranky today.


Pics from Christy's wedding


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