apparently, i am a dolt.

this morning i was explaining the broken paci situation to one of the girls' teachers at school, L. i showed her that i'd cut them, emphasized that she might want to hold them even though she can no longer suck on them, etc. etc....

L. looked at me like i was crazy and said, "She never uses them here anyway." My mouth fell open. "What?" I asked. "How do you get her to go down for her nap without them?" L replied, "One day I just stopped offering it. She went right to sleep. It's been that way ever since."

So why, then, is my daughter wavering on this? One night she wants the broken pacis in the bed with her. The next she hands them to me to take them away. But at school, she doesn't even bother with them AT ALL. wtf?

Honestly this makes me want to throw them all out, cold turkey. But I tried refusing her the other day at nap time, and she cried and kept getting up out of bed asking for it....so i relented.

On another note, I'm sick. Strep throat. Ugh. Praying to the powers that be that the girls don't get it, or at least not until I'm feeling better. But I know strep is highly contagious, so it doesn't look good.

More thoughtful and interesting post later, perhaps.



I think Izzy is finally really done with her pacifier.

Last night at bedtime, she handed me her two "broken" pacifiers and said, "Here, Mommy. Take Izzy's pacis." So I did. We gave hugs & kisses goodnight and left the room. I thought for sure she'd call for them within minutes, but she didn't. She slept all night. We'll see how her nap goes today, but I am thinking maybe I can really pitch them. WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In other news, Abby pooped on the potty yesterday. Who knew such a thing could bring me such pleasure??? Don't get me wrong----I know we're nowhere near potty trained, but progress is slow and steady. I just pray we can be ready for preschool at 3 (in December). We have to be fully potty trained by then to move to the threes' classroom.

Wish us luck! Send good potty vibes!!


paci progress

so on sunday evening, i decided to cut the tips off of all of Izzy's pacifiers. i'd heard of this before, but honestly have been too nervous to try. abby has never used a paci, she's a devoted thumb-sucker.

so i put 5 wounded pacis in izzy's bed sunday night without saying a word about it to her. she got into bed, tried them all out, and immediately asked me for more pacis. i told her she had several in her bed already and didn't need any more. she nodded and went to sleep without a problem. naps on monday proved uneventful as well. i tried to convince her to throw them out completely, but she wouldn't. we decided to just say, "pacis are all broken." surprisingly she is handling this quite well. despite having used them since she was a baby, giving them up is decidedly not the dreadful thing either of us had imagined.

monday evening we were discussing the pacis. she looked at me very seriously and said, "izzy's pacis broken. mommy cut with scissors." trying hard not to laugh, i wondered how she knew this. she hadn't seen me do it, but it's entirely possible she heard me talking about it at some point.

so we've been paci-free since sunday night. but she won't let me dispose of the carcasses. oh well. can't win 'em all. eventually they'll have to go---but i'm cutting her some slack for now. i'm just glad they're gone and she can no longer use them to soothe herself.

now if we could just get the potty training under control.....

on another note, a shout out to my friend M who had her FET (frozen embryo transfer) yesterday. two lovely embroys were transferred. i brought dinner over so she could rest. GOOD LUCK, M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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