Livy video


here's Livy talking about Pop Pop & Na Na's birthday cake last weekend.....

Kevin, Livy, and my dad beating the NOLA heat


here's my niece, Livy, with her uncle Kevin---swimming at my dad's house over the weekend....

potty training hell

so today we're beginning a sort of "cold turkey" phase of PT...wherein i have told the girls their diapers have gone bye-bye. of course, they don't seem to question the fact that diapers magically appear at nap and bedtimes....oh well! we'll see how it goes.

we went to the park this morning. i packed a little potty in my car. we pottied before we left home at about 9 a.m.....abby pee peed on the potty twice while we were at the park, and izzy tried, but no dice. however, izzy did stay dry until we got home, and she went on the normal potty here. they each got a Starburst candy as a reward for having no accidents from 9 a.m. - noon, which is HUGE....but i'm still trying not to get too excited. i also promised to find them some Dora panties if they can avoid accidents. we'll see. they are napping now and i hope they'll sleep a while, as we played hard all morning. we enjoyed a picnic lunch while we were there with some other friends of ours.

not much else new to report. D is leaving town for the weekend, so it's just abby, izzy and me. a girls' weekend! hee hee


serious questions

ok, so is a "muffin top" when you have those unsightly bulges that hang out over the top of your jeans waistband (so a horizontal muffin top)? OR is a muffin top what you have, say, just above one's c-section scar (a vertical muffin top)? i am concerned i've been mislabeling my parts. or maybe i have two separate muffin tops?!?! oy vey!!!! it's funny the way age and pregnancy change the landscape of a woman's body. my stomach used to be almost concave. i always prided myself on that. not so much anymore. being pregnant with twins didn't help much. sure, it could be worse, but....

yesterday i got the cleaning bug---for my car. ewwwww! you wouldn't believe the yuckies (as my girls would say) that can hide underneath kids' car seats and inside all the nooks & crannies of said car seats. it's not uncommon for me to find stray goldfish crackers or cheerios coated in fuzz, but when i tell you there was actual sludge (most probably brought about by the coupling of spilled snacks and water, combined with a healthy dose of heat and time) inside the bottom/underneath parts of the girls' car seats, i want to die. i consider myself a pretty neat/clean person, but honestly taking 2 large car seats out of my car is a job i don't savor. they're unwieldy, heavy, and cumbersome. and it's hot out, so i'm sweating buckets as it is. i used clorox wipes and my little dust buster to get them clean....then i had to clean my backseat, wipe it down, etc....i washed the fabric car seat covers while i was doing the rest of this. and finally put down a large old towel along the backseat before reinstalling both car seats. i had to take a shower again when i was done. ridiculous!

on another note, i was thinking about how fragile female friendships can be....like the thin thread of a spiderweb. i am supposed to chat with an old friend later because we've had an argument. i can't remember the last time we fought (we don't live close and don't often get to see one another now that we both have kids). with guys, it seems easier, simpler. my husband, for example, can go a year or more without talking to one of his friends and it's as if it's no big deal. they pick right up where they left off. i can do that with some friends, but with my close friends i prefer to be in contact more often, be it by phone, email, or visiting in person. i don't know. i also don't make promises i can't keep. do i? maybe i put too much stock in my female friends---but i never had a sister and always wanted one....which is one reason i feel that my girls are so lucky to have each other.

i'll leave you with this----
this morning we were running errands and drove past our local TCBY where we like to take the girls sometimes. Abby saw it and said, "mommy, i NEED ice cream. i need ice cream NOW!" so funny.


quote du jour

"finish each day and be done with it. you have done what
you could. some blunders and absurdities have crept in;
forget them as soon as you can. tomorrow is a new day.
you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit
to be encumbered with your old nonsense."



i love this one....should have cropped it a bit, but i'm not the best with technical things....



Abby and Izzy at a neighbor's BBQ a few weeks ago....

Izzy warmin' up after a swim....

Izzy's a flower girl!

Abby giving Daddy a big ole' smooch at Oakwood last weekend.

pie video


this one was too large to upload, so i've just posted a link to the video on YouTube....


videothis was taken the other night. apparently my disipline methods aren't really being appreciated too much! they now think this is hysterical and they do it often. incidentally, i don't say "i spank your tushy," when i spank them. i say, "i'm going to spank you if you don't stop (a) screaming, (b) pulling your sister's hair, (c) whacking the dog with your blocks, or (d) all of the above and more....."

good flick

yesterday dan and i went to see a movie, "Wedding Weekend." it was showing only at one place, an older theater, one that reminds me a bit of the Prytania in NOLA. in the ladies' room (at this theater, here in KC) there were tiny pink tiles on the floor, and the walls and stalls were painted a lovely sea foam green, which reminded me of my mother's house. she gets upset when i use that color to describe her house, but seriously....it's sea foam green. anyway, no surround sound. no big screen. all the seats on the same level of flooring so that if the movie had been sold out, i'd have had to crane my neck to see above the person in front of me. no cup holders in the seats. it's funny the things you miss when you're accustomed to the modern stuff. still, it was a great movie and we both enjoyed it. and it was rather quaint and fun in a way to go to a spot that's off the beaten path.

this is the same theater i tried to find a few years ago when CJ was visiting. it is similar to NOLA's Prytania in that it shows predominantly artsy flicks, not so much the common stuff you can find everywhere, i.e. the Palace. if memory serves, we were trying to see the woody allen flick, "Scoop." but because i hadn't been there before and couldn't find it (it is in a rather obscure location, tucked away behind some large department stores off the main drag), the movie was sold out by the time we got there. so we were very lame and just went home. we were both very disappointed.

I love Molly Shannon, and she was one of the main characters in the movie. A few other familiar faces whose names escape me, but hilarious and well worth seeing.

I'm going to leave you now and try to post some videos of the girls....

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