wife swap

i was flipping channels the other night out of boredom (girls were asleep, dan was gone, and i was too tired to read) and came across one of those Wife Swap/Trading Spouses shows....and watched for a bit.

and as i did, i wondered what life would be like for the family who would receive me for a week.
would the kids complain that i yell too much (given, of course, that the producers couldn't be cruel enough to sick me on another family with two-year old twins)? would i clean incessantly? would i make bad lasagna? what about nagging my new husband to turn off the tap while brushing his teeth? would i ever be able to let myself sit down? would i act just the same, worse, or better? it's interesting to think about.

abby's new phrase this week is, "leave me alone." this is most commonly heard first thing in the morning, or when izzy's really grating on her nerves. it's quite amusing to hear it coming out of your little one's mouth. another thing she likes to say is, "no talk to me." well, FINE. i'd love not to have to answer your three billion questions all day long. and the next three billion that are exact replications of the first round.

in other news, i am trying to figure out if i'm a true germophobe.
for example, this potty-training-my-girls-in-public has me all bent out of shape. ideally, we run errands or eat meals quickly (not in a hurry, but we don't lolly gag/take all the time in the world), and use the potty at home just before we leave the house and as soon as we get home. we have thus far avoided any public accidents, save for the diarrhea in the pool from several weeks ago. but i know our time will come, and frankly i'd like to not feel the pressure (pun intended) to have to be home by/around a certain time to avoid contact with a public restroom.

that being said, we have obviously (as evidenced by discussion in this blog) used public potties, so i know it's not the end of the world. it just makes me nauseous to think about it. i have entertained the idea of wiping down a public potty with my handy-dandy Clorox wipes before letting my girls sit on it...some public potties are not so bad, while others are absolutely nightmarish. sure, we adults hover over the seat and try to touch as little as possible and then wash our hands and douse ourselves with Purell hand sanitizer. but children, not so much. they love to touch everything. and even if my "hands up" policy eventually kicks in, think about your little one's tiny, naked legs and her shorts/underwear resting against the front of the bowl as she teeters on the top of it making wee wee. i have been using some stick-on Dora toilet seat covers which are fabulous, but then i still have to hold/support the girls while they are on the potty....and then wiping them while supporting them is impossible, so i have started taking them off the seat to do the rest. and then hand washing....having to hold them up over the sink and then help them get soap and stuff....ugh, it's exhausting!!!

surely this diatribe on public toilets is boring you, but it's become my obsession. potty training at home is going along quite nicely, but i don't like having to bring the girls into public facilities.

izzy's success with pooping on the potty continues, so i confess i've gotten my hopes up that we're nearing the finish line with the whole "training" part.....


Houston, we have LIFT OFF!!!!

IZZY POOPED ON THE POTTY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'Nuff said.

Let's hope it wasn't just a fluke.

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