weekend, here we come!

i am tres, tres excited about this weekend.
tonight D's mom is taking the girls (at her request!) over to her house for a sleepover. we are having some friends over for dinner and drinks. it'll be so nice not to have to cope with cranky children whilst attempting to entertain our pals....

then tomorrow night we are going to Cirque de Soleil, just the two of us, and D's dad and step mom are taking the girls for a sleepover. we asked if we could do this a while back since Cirque doesn't start until 8 p.m. and we knew it would be a late night...D's dad and step mom are leaving for San Francisco again in less than two weeks (and will be there for 6 weeks), so they will enjoy this quality time with the girls.

the girls will be with us during the day tomorrow, of course, and we'll pick them up by 9 or 10 Sunday morning (and even earlier on Saturday morning)...so they will still have plenty of mommy and daddy over the weekend.

on another note, my dad and kory are coming to visit from 8/1 - 8/4, so that is something to look forward to as well.

i am attempting my first challah this afternoon. i'm sure it will be a bust, but i wanted to try.
desperately need a shower. must dash. hope everyone has a fun weekend!


mom jeans

ok, so at the start of the summer, i splurged on what i thought was a really darling J. Crew maillot. navy blue with large white polka dots. navy blue = dark, and therefore slimming. one piece = modest, flattering, stomach-concealing.

i've worn it often and i love it. i've decided i can't wear a bikini ever again (haven't worn one since last summer). i just don't have the self confidence for it. and i'm almost 32. isn't that too old for a bikini anyway?

regardless, my husband took the opportunity this past weekend to inform me that this very bathing suit is the fashion equivalent to "mom jeans," which i do not happen to own, thank you very much. let it also be said that my husband is by no means mr. fashion expert. is he embarrassed by me at the pool? i hope not. in the end, i settled for a tankini. but we are heading to the pool in a bit without D, and i plan to don the now infamous this-looks-like-mom-jeans-bathing suit. may the force be with me.


blast from the past....

these pics are all exactly a year old, taken on our ill-fated trip to Pensacola last year for July 4th. many of you may recall the girls and I were really sick and we had to abort the mission and come home early, much to our chagrin....hard to believe this was a year ago!!! top pic shows izzy wearing her hat at the house we rented on the beach.

Mommy & Izzy on the beach, trying to act like we feel fine/healthy....(but really sinus and ear infections were running rampant)

our little family in the too little pool in the shade of the back porch.

Daddy and his girls (abby is on the left, izzy has the now deceased pacifier in her mouth)

new pics

here's izzy climbing up the wall of our swing set in the backyard....

and abby helping daddy mow the grass....

and abby's first cotton candy on July 4th....


one other thing...

i'm back on the exercise bandwagon. i had to take a week off when i was really sick....and it was hard getting back into it because my body was so worn down....but back on it again and it feels good. i bought new running shoes last week, but am getting a blister on the back of one of my heels, so not sure what's up with that.

but anyway....just wanted someone to know i'm doing it. now if i could just do 3 miles each day instead of 2.....

last night/vent/etc.

D's on call this weekend, and last night MaMa (dan's step mom) took the girls for an overnight....of course he got the call during dinner that someone had a hernia and needed surgery urgently (normally a hernia wouldn't necessarily require emergency surgery, but this patient was also on the liver transplant list, so that complicated matters). so D asked me to come with him and i did. i love watching Discovery Health, and this was even better because I got to actually be in the room. it wasn't as exciting as i'd hoped because the incision was pretty small and the whole operation only took about 1/2 hour....but still it was neat. it's not the first time i've seen D operate, and i hope it won't be the last. it's incredible to watch him do his thing. so amazing and inspiring. i wish i had something, a talent like that, to call my own.

izzy has made exceptional strides with the potty in the last 2-3 days and i am feeling a huge weight off my chest. we have finally rounded the corner with this, and although we still have accidents occasionally, the girls are doing so well. i am quite proud. starting preschool won't be a problem, woohoo!!!!

our neighbors behind us have recently acquired a beagle. cute as can be, but so barky and at such inopportune times i want to kill myself. like right now when my kids are napping. and at 10:30 at night. or 6:00 in the morning. i would like to write an anonymous letter complaining. grrrr.....

Express Jet just announced it will be discontinuing its KC/NOLA route as of September 1st. We are really bummed. It was the only airline to provide a non-stop flight between Kansas City and New Orleans, which, if you have young children, is priceless. I knew it would come, what with the price of gas and the airlines all in crisis...but I guess I wasn't prepared for it to happen before we had another trip down there. We are considering going soon, but I'm not looking forward to a layover and dealing with the girls on two separate flights. Don't ask me to drive 14 hours with my kids---out of the question. That makes a layover and several hours of air travel seem lovely by comparison!

D and I are going to Cirque de Soleil next weekend....should be fun and make up for having to operate on our "night off" last night....

What is everyone else up to?

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