after hair cuts this morning....Izzy.

Say "cheese!" Izzy's on the left, Abby's on the right.

More sisterly love. Wish this happened more often.

Starting to get goofy. Time to put away the camera.

Izzy's latest thing is putting her hands on her hips.
Wonder where she got that from?



Us Weekly is my one guilty pleasure. I love it. I'm addicted.

However, as I greedily grabbed my new issue from the mailman just now, I couldn't help but sigh when I saw the title splashed across the cover: "How They Get Thin Fast!" featuring new moms Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, and Nicole Kidman.

Argh. Double Argh.

Why must we women be so obsessed with our weight? Surely if men were the ones carrying the babies they wouldn't feel the need to bounce back so quickly, nor would society be waiting with baited breath to see them debut their post-baby bodies. Why the double standard? Men age and become more distinguished looking. On the flip side, women seem to be chastised for every wrinkle, bulge, or cellulite-ridden spot. Yet I confess I'd love to have Halle Berry's bod. Why is it so hard to be happy with who we are? I refuse to starve myself. I have a torrid love affair with food. I am an emotional eater. Hell, I'll probably head to the pantry after reading this new rag mag just because it's going to make me feel like crap!!!

rant over.


it worked!

ok, so I had to put on our Beauty & The Beast dvd, but I got to exercise on our elliptical in the basement this morning for 30 whole minutes! woohoo! then I dragged them upstairs with me while I showered.

mommy confession du jour: i was a little lazy and feeling sorry for myself about the coming weekend. so I loaded the girls up and took them to Winstead's, where we went to the drive-through for grilled cheese sammies and french fries...I ate like a pig. But I worked out this morning, so I figure I broke even. Or at least this is the lie I'm telling myself.


my dad and kory were supposed to arrive in KC tomorrow and stay through Tuesday morning, but have canceled their trip due to a variety of reasons. i'm very disappointed. they haven't seen the girls since January, and haven't been to KC since early last December. i understand the reasons, i guess, but i was looking forward to doing fun stuff this weekend and having some company. now it's going to be an ordinary weekend alone while Dan's working/on call. hopefully it won't be too bad, but you just never know.

i am going to attempt to work out on our elliptical in the basement in a bit. going to let the girls play down there (and will resort to turning on a dvd for them if i have to) while i work out and see how it goes. maybe then at least some of the time i won't have to wake up so early to go running.

it is supposed to be sizzling hot here the next few days. we had a ton of rain yesterday, which we desperately needed. now the heat's going to set back in.



Abby's cupcake



These are in my front yard. I am partial to the pink ones, of course! They are absolutely amazing, and what I love about them is that they only bloom in the hottest months...which is when I need a boost. So to have these pretties greeting me every day is pure joy! And it speaks volumes that my un-green thumb doesn't kill them off. Yay for hibiscus!


the girls

The girls continue to amaze me.

Last night as we were preparing for bed time, we told them they could each choose some books to read. they can't reach the shelf, so they point to which ones they want. Goodnight Moon is a regular request and they know it by heart and ask for it by name; however, last night, Abby pointed to a yellow one (normally how they request a book---by its color or some pictures that are on the cover), and said, "I want Birthday Monsters, Mommy." I was speechless. This is one of many Sandra Boynton books we have, but one we don't read very often. And still she knew the title. Then Izzy piped up, "Mommy, I want Barnyard Dance!"

I had no idea. either they've known the titles for a while and just never bothered to use/ask for them, or they're just starting to figure it all out. either way, I'm very impressed. We are working on teaching them their middle names----they each know their own first and last names, as well as mommy and daddy's names....and they know their birthday. So cool to see their little minds working....how it's all falling into place so quickly. Abby's completely potty trained. Wish I could say the same for her sister, but each in her own time, right?

We are very excited for PopPop and NaNa's visit this weekend. My dad and Kory haven't seen the girls since January....I'm eager to show them off!



This has to be one of my all-time favorite shots of my adorable niece...having chips and a diet coke!


Bookworms Anonymous?

The first step to a meaningful recovery is admitting one has a problem. Right?

Deep breaths....

I have a reading/book problem. I can't stop buying books. I bought several on Amazon.com over the weekend and today at Costco I bought two more. It may even be months before I actually get to them, but I can't stop myself. I have to have them.

I have a serious stack on my nightstand already. I don't know what to do. I've never been good at juggling more than two or three books at a time, but perhaps I need to try!

I wonder if this is a common affliction/addiction?

D is at the pool with his parents and the girls, giving me a precious bit of alone time. I am working on putting together dinner. Sole fillets dipped in lemon juice, bread crumbs, and parm, then baked. Boiling water for fresh corn on the cob (courtesy of the CSA). Not sure what else....got some eggplant this weekend, too, and asked my mom for her killer eggplant casserole recipe. So I'm eager to try that later in the week.

It is HOT here. Ugh! I can't take this weather anymore!

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