During an impromptu visit to the KC Zoo this morning....the lorakeet exhibit! It was feeding time.


more house pics...

Izzy Busy

more foundation prep....

the girls don't quite "get it" yet, but they enjoy going over to visit and see the progress.


I've decided

I'm going to start writing a book.

Go ahead and laugh. But I've always wanted to do it and so I'm going to get off my lazy ass and JUST DO IT. I've already started. I have three pages. Go ahead and laugh again, but I'm going to set a goal of writing 2-3 pages each day and see what happens.

Call me naive and lame, but I feel like my life experiences could make a really great story and perhaps even help some people.

In other news, my girls managed to lose my Phi Mu pin today. Long story short, it was on the kitchen counter in a small box (Christy had borrowed it for her wedding and just shipped it back to me). Mea culpa----I shouldn't have left it there, even for a split second, knowing my two daughters with octopus arms. Whatev. I know it will turn up eventually, perhaps when we pack up to move.


Blair Witch a l' Izzy

This is what happens when your daughter gets a hold of your camera when you're not paying attention.... Voila! Blair Witch. Who knew?!?!?

another video


3 girls

The cute cousins! Abby, Livy, and Izzy.

Abby, Livy, and Izzy having a few drinks.

"Watch the big girl jump!" (Abby)



it is 63 degrees right now!!!!! soooooo nice out!

we have foundation...


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