house pics

prepping for roof, which should go on next week. and it's hard to see here, but some of the windows have been installed.

in the middle is where the screened in porch will be....


Quote du Jour

Abby to Dan just seconds ago:

"Daddy, I have a wedgie. You take it out of my tushie for me, please."

Charlotte's Web

Ok, so I'm no Ansel Adams and I don't edit my pics. These photos don't do a justice. This spider was HUGE and had erected an enormous web in between two of our hibiscus bushes. She was suspended in mid-air and I nearly walked into her (we have some stepping stones between those bushes that lead into the driveway). I wish you could see better....


woohoo! finally. back to normal and can be around my kids, husband, etc.

i have to follow up with my endocrinologist in a month for labs and we'll be able to confirm whether or not the radioiodine worked. let's hope so. and then i'll start my new medication which i'll have to take for the rest of my life (but my hormone leves should remain much more stable from here on out). in the interim, my symptoms haven't abated at all, and i was sad to learn it may be months before i feel better. i guess it's a small price to pay, so i'm trying to be patient. but we all know that's not exactly a virtue of mine!

we are gearing up for Halloween and I've started putting up decorations outside. I scored some NWT Pottery Barn Kids witch costumes on EBay for $20. Hooray! They are so excited, but probably not as excited as I. I LOVE HALLOWEEN!

my dad and kory have rescheduled their visit (they were supposed to come a few months ago and had to cancel) for the weekend of 10/4. looking forward to that. and working on Thanksgiving plans and trying to coerce my brother Mark and his wife and daughter to make the drive up here with my mom and Kevin. We'd love it. We'll see.

the house is coming along nicely. second floor walls are in and windows are going in. roof is supposed to go on next week. we're hoping to be in sometime next summer. time will tell. i am significantly more patient than my husband, so my expectations are not as high. i'll be happy if we're in there by the middle of fall.

i guess that's it for now....

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