My dad and Kory arrived safely late last night and I've enjoyed shopping/hanging out with them today. The girls are in school and Dan's at work, so I really got to relax. I bought some new Uggs for winter (they are black and sooo cute with some sweater-like material on the legs. my old Uggs finally bit the dust this spring and my feet were getting wet every time I walked in the snow) and we had lunch at the Nordstom's cafe---my favorite thing there is a spinach, chicken, and strawberry salad. it has glazed pecans on top. yum!

I am going to pick the girls up shortly and when Dan gets home we're taking Dad and Kory to see the new house. They were supposed to start putting the roof on today, and Dan said some of the bathtubs are even in already (it's been nearly 2 weeks since I've gone inside of it). I'm looking forward to seeing all the progress. Tonight we're going to get some BBQ and lay low.

I went to see my doctor yesterday and he started me on a two-week course of steroids to hopefully get my thyroiditis under control. My neck has been sooo tender and swollen and last night I had trouble sleeping. The new meds should kick in later today, I hope.

And I bought my girls a new CD which they love: http://www.funkymamamusic.com/. All of her stuff is great for kids, but we bought the Grandma's House album. What's even better is that it's music I don't mind. We saw Funky Mama play again earlier this week (have seen her a few times and she's a hit everywhere she goes) and I decided it's high time for some new music, even if it's for the kids instead of me.

I ordered a raisin challah for Yom Kippur and got a regular one today so we can make challah french toast with dad and Kory this weekend. YUMMMMMMMY! So good. I guess I better run a few extra miles, eh?

I guess that's about it. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


it's always something

i have "thyroiditis" now. the fun never ends, does it?
i started feeling off on thursday and dismissed it. when it continued on friday, i called my mom and then dan, and then left a message for my doctor. i was super hot (even more so than usual, which means i was disgustingly sweaty), very breathless/winded, and felt a large lump in my throat....almost like i was trying to swallow a golf ball. and my neck was very tender. i really didn't want to be one of those patients. you know the ones. the ones that call and call and nag and act like hypochondriacs. i suppose being a doctor's wife i overhear a lot of conversations and most of the time people are just overreacting. but my own husband started freaking out a little and wanted me to come right in to his office. so that's when i called my doctor.

he called me back and we talked about my symptoms. he said it's thyroiditis. which i don't fully comprehend, but i think it's a reaction to the treatment/ablation therapy i had. my thyroid is rebelling. it's swollen (i suspect this was causing the tenderness and the lumpish feeling in my throat) and my symptoms are getting worse instead of better. he prescribed some beta blockers (i'm not even sure what they do, but i think they're supposed to help with the shortness of breath mainly) and told me to take 600 mg of Advil every 4-5 hours. the beta blockers are kicking my ass and making me soooo sleepy...so i haven't been taking them as often as i was told. and the advil is tearing up my stomach even though i'm taking it with food. argh. he said if i wasn't feeling better within a week, we'd try some steroids and i'd need to come in. so it's just a waiting game until then, i guess.

i am paranoid that this means the ablation therapy didn't work and i'm either going to have to do it again or have a thyroidectomy. i'm frustrated and wishing the fall weather would get here so i could maybe stop sweating slightly. ugh. when i talk half the time it sounds like i've just finished running a marathon or something. and for someone who's not that out of shape, it's definitely worrisome.

in other news, i took the girls to synagogue this morning for a Rosh Hashanah program called "Mazel Tots." We had cupcakes and apples with honey, sang songs, did an art project, and met some other kids. sadly the next program is for Hanukkah, and it's the same day as the girls' birthday party...so I guess we'll have to miss it...boo!

we're going to services tomorrow night and tuesday morning, and meeting with a potential decorator tuesday evening. we just don't trust ourselves and our taste and want this house to come together nicely. we won't use her for every little thing, but for most of the bigger things like flooring, paint colors, window treatments, and some of the big furniture. we obviously have a lot of furniture already, but are in need of a new couch for the basement and some new things for a cozy/formal living room (which doesn't exist in our current home)...and we'll be getting rid of the girls' toddler beds when we move and getting real big-girl beds. yay! i can't believe they are almost three years old?!?!?!?!

ok. gotta go.
and so many shows returning tonight----Brothers & Sisters, Dexter, and Californication. And True Blood started a few weeks ago and we love that. Sunday is a big tv night. Thank goodness for DVR!!!

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