standing in the kitchen looking into the breakfast room---which looks out into backyard.

stairwell on main floor---going two directions: up to 2nd floor, and down to basement.

Family room

Screened-in porch; fireplace


in other news...

the insulation is done at the new house. sheet rocking to start next week. garage doors are on. front slab by the front door has been poured (we thought about writing our initials in it but ultimately decided against it). we're moving right along.

i enrolled in Jazzercise this week. i've been twice. so far i love it, but i feel like an idiot because just as i start picking up on a particular set of moves, the instructor will switch to a new one. i'm not the most coordinated person you'll ever meet, that's for sure! but it's a good way to get moving, and with a group of people. they have babysitting, too, so yesterday i brought the girls with me to try it out. surprisingly they did great, and izzy didn't even want to leave!!! each class is 60 minutes---roughly 35 minutes of cardio and the rest is weights, abs, and stretching. i am really sore today, so i'm taking the day off. i'll go back tomorrow and sometime over the weekend. the running has been good for me, but it's getting cold here now, and i'm a weather wuss. i can't run when it's below 50 degrees because i get awful pains in my ears. call me crazy. i know it's odd, but it kills, so i can't do it. and the elliptical gets old fast.

not much else going on. went to see my endocrinologist on tuesday and had labs drawn to see how my levels are doing post-radioiodine ablation therapy. much to my chagrin (but not a surprise, as i've still been feeling horribly), my levels are exactly the same. nothing's changed yet. i'm still running really high/hyper. which explains why dan is freezing every night this week and i haven't wanted to put the heater on. and why my throat is still so swollen and uncomfortable. frustrating. i have this nagging feeling it didn't work. i go back the week before thanksgiving for another exam and more labs. i guess we'll maybe know more then.

Wearing some new tops from GiGi this morning. Izzy's on the left and Abby's on the right.

Apparently Abby's learning to hide from the camera just like mommy does...

Izzy's all into the Little Mermaid. New winter jammies from GiGi.

pics of the girls

At the zoo on Monday, before the weather changed...the only nice day we had this week. Izzy's riding on a statue of a hippo.

Abby's giving Mr. Hippo a kiss.

Left to right: Brandon, Abby, Margo, Cal, Izzy, and Ben (Ben and Brandon are twin brothers and Cal and Margo are twins as well).

Margo is missing from this one, unfortunately. She was holding two pretzels at the time which precluded her from holding hands with anyone.

All decked out in new duds from NaNa & PopPop before going to the zoo.


the latest

this morning Gabe came and took photos of the girls. we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day---sunny, breezy, and cool. we took the girls out in the backyard with a few props (pumpkins, bubbles, balls) and for an hour and a half let them do their thing. we mostly went for candids as that's more our style, but we attempted a few posed pics.....and i'm anticipating many of those won't come out because it's hard to get two toddlers to look at the camera simultaneously, let alone with a pleasant expression on their faces! Gabe said we might have our cd within a week or two, which would be great. i'll be sure to post some of them here (cross your fingers that we got some good ones---i'm really nervous). gabe's first and last time photographing my kids was when they were 6 months old, and it was a much different experience then. infinitely easier to make babies smile/cooperate. then again, babies don't "do" much.

i went to services on friday night alone. it was really nice. i'd like to go more often, but services are always on friday nights at 6 p.m., which is often hard for dan. but he was out of town this weekend, and i knew i'd want a sitter/some relief anyway, so i worked it out. i'd like to start going once or twice a month, and when the girls are a little older i'd really like to try taking them again. we'll see.

the house is coming along nicely---we're supposed to have an inspection this week, and once that turns out alright they will begin putting insulation in. then sheetrock. we're expecting a lot of rain this week and i don't know if that will interfere with the inspection (i assume he'll have to inspect some things outside/around the house) or not. argh. we had a lot of rain last week, too, which prohibited them from pouring the concrete for the front steps and some other places. and unless they do it tomorrow, looks like it will have to wait until next week (rain in the forecast tuesday-friday unless the weathermen are smoking crack or something drastically changes).

my mom and kevin are coming up here for thanksgiving, so we're looking forward to that. trying to convince my dad and kory to return then, too, but i'm not sure they will. mark and katheryn can't make it then. but it will still be great having some of my family here for the holiday.

i have an appointment with my endocrinologist on tuesday. going to have labs, etc. and hopefully find out if the ablation therapy worked. i've still been really swollen, so who knows? but the steroids make me too hungry and prevent me from sleeping, so i'm not taking them anymore. ready to be done with this, that's for sure.

i guess that's about it....hope everyone's enjoying the weekend!

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