baking cookies

Baking oatmeal raisin cookies today with my two little helpers!


feeling lucky

i haven't posted anything worthwhile/meaningful in a while, and it seems like life is getting busier and busier. i'm not great at budgeting my time or multitasking. at any rate, this is something that happened today.

after i dropped the girls off at school, i headed over to Jazzercise. on my way, i passed a neutral ground (median to those who aren't native new orleanians). there sat a man and a woman huddled close together with their dog. it was freezing outside and very windy. their clothes were dirty and worn and my heart was breaking as i passed by. i don't always stop for homeless people, but sometimes i just have to. it hurts my heart so much and makes me hate myself for taking the things that i have for granted on a daily basis. i think it's also the advent of the cold weather--seeing them shivering and trying to sit close together to conserve body heat...i drove past (it was a busy street and no real place to pull over) and quickly found a way to circle back around. i pulled over for a minute and rooted through my baby bag (which is always in my car, fully stocked with odds and ends, snacks, extra clothes, wipes, motrin, etc.) and found a few granola bars and packs of peanut butter crackers. i had $20 in my wallet and took it out. i drove back over to where they were and pulled over as best i could. i got out and brought them the snacks and the money and my voice cracked as i choked out something i can't even remember.

i was in tears once i got back into the car. it's just not fair.

i complain too much. i take things and people for granted. i yell at my kids. i am selfish. i whine about my thyroid issues. i often feel overwhelmed and exhausted. but my petty stuff is nothing compared to what some people are going through. what if i didn't have a home? what if i didn't have a place to take a shower, or any clean clothes to wear? what if i lived exposed to the elements?

things like this put it all in perspective. i am lucky. i need to be more thankful each and every day for what i have (and i don't mean just material things, either).


Super Slug and Misc.

This tree is our favorite every fall. This picture doesn't do a justice, however. Yesterday was also a very grey day, which didn't help.

The leaves are coming down in droves.

This is our side yard. Yes, there is grass under there somewhere.

Super slug. My hand is there so you get an idea of how large it really was. Gross!


Damn squirrels

various tidbits

So, I continued with Jazzercise this week and went 5 times. I skipped Wednesday and today (Sunday). I feel a real difference in my body, but can't see anything yet. I know it's too soon. Just trying to keep on keepin' on. Stick with it. Get somewhere. Change my body. But I also know I need to stop eating crap, like my daughters' Halloween candy. Ugh!

The walls are all in/done at the new house. Hardwoods will be installed late this week in conjunction with the trim carpenters' work on crown molding, shelves, etc....and we've been experimenting with paint colors. Dan threw many colors up on the walls in several rooms. It's so crazy how a color swatch looks one way, but when you put it up on a wall in a house, it can be completely different----and then different again depending on the light (or lack thereof) in the room. Very frustrating at times. Ultimately we're going to put some colors in a few rooms (living room, dining room, girls' room, and maybe ours) and then the rest of the house will be a very neutral color. We can always repaint later. Too much to do each room a different color, and we want the house to flow since it's got a very open feel to it.

Halloween was fun and the girls had a blast trick-or-treating. Well, Abby got crabby towards the end, but that was no surprise. Izzy was too cute....we'd go to the door and when someone opened it, I'd prompt her a bit and she'd yell, " HAPPY HALLOWEEN!" Everyone laughed, and then I'd whisper to her, "No, you're supposed to say 'trick or treat', silly!" The girls fought over who got to ring the doorbell at every house. They were exhausted when we got home. Much to my surprise & delight, they wore their hats for a while that night (at a previous Halloween party they wore the dresses but refused to don their hats). Izzy made friends with Howie, the schnoodle who lives next door. It was hard to get her to leave!


Izzy the good witch.

Abby the semi-good witch.

The witch sisters prepare to depart on their quest for candy.

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