feeling nostalgic

I'm feeling terribly nostalgic as the girls' third birthday rapidly approaches. I cannot believe the passage of time....each day seems incredibly slow, yet when I turn and look over my shoulder nearly 3 years have passed by.

This is what life was like for me about this time in 2005:
I was swimming in these maternity pants, but I couldn't find anything to fit my waist and my legs simultaneously. Everything was cutting off my circulation under my giant belly. Shirts were all too short. My feet were almost a full size larger than normal. My face was puffy. I don't miss that, but I do miss feeling them move inside of me, kicking me, having the hiccups...I miss the nightly belly watch, where Dan and I would sit on the sofa laughing as my belly jumped around.


i am a dolt

I don't know why I never thought of it before, but Monica and Christy pointed out to me that you can buy lots of cool stuff on Etsy.com, including reusable produce bags to bring to the grocery store. So I just ordered these:


I am super excited! I can't wait to use them!



the house is coming along so quickly we can't believe it. i don't have photos to post today, but hopefully this weekend. it was already getting dark when i was over there earlier.

first, the cabinets were delivered! this is super exciting because they weren't supposed to even be ready until the week of Thanksgiving. half of them are already installed. and the fireplaces in the living room and the family room are in as well. the molding/baseboards are finished, and closets are done, too. the "real" stairs are in and the handrails (no spindles yet, however).

anyway, stay tuned for pics. i can't contain myself!!! woohoo!



I've neglected the green stuff for a long time. I think I started out too ambitious and thought I could change our habits in a week. I was wrong.

Things I have stuck with:
1. BYOB (bringing my own bags) to the grocery store, Target, etc. I confess to forgetting them a few times, and I feel badly when I do. I always recycle the ones I end up taking home, but I know that just taking the bags in the first place is the problem.

2. milk in glass bottles or cardboard cartons. I prefer the glass bottles because not only does it taste truly amazing, but there's no trash with it at all. It is more expensive than buying milk in other containers, however. I occasionally buy milk in cardboard cartons, but we are still mostly drinking Shatto milk.

3. no more bottled water. We bought a Brita pitcher and although the filters are not yet recycle- able, it's still better than all those little individual bottles. unfortunately, we sometimes buy some vitamin water, which, as far as i know, only comes in individual plastic bottles. we don't buy it often, but....ugh.

4. i am using biodegradable detergents and hand soaps. it recently occurred to me that if we switched to all bar soaps we'd be using fewer plastics, too. but i do buy a lot of the Method hand soap refills, which is better than buying a whole new bottle of soap.

5. we participated in our local CSA, which just recently ended for the season. and we do buy a fair amount of organic/local foods & produce.

6. Potty trained those kiddos over the summer so we're only using diapers at night---and only 1 diaper each night because Abby is dry all night long.

Things I'd like to work on more:
1. not using the fruit/veggie plastic bags in the produce section at the grocery store. but how to get around this, especially on a big shopping trip when i have lots of varieties, and several of each thing?

2. stop using plastic wrap and use only foil. but plastic wrap is just better for some things. argh.

3. stop using ziploc bags. i'm an addict. i do re-use when i can, but i am not great about it.

I wish I was better about this stuff. I need to quit being so lazy.

fun in leaves

the girls "helped" me rake up more leaves in the side yard yesterday before the rain began...the piles were so deep they came up almost to their waists...


I suck.

Sort of a long explanation that I don't feel like typing out at this moment, but basically I backed into Dan's car today. Fortunately it wasn't the Porsche. But he is not very happy with me and insists that the repairs will cost "thousands of dollars." I am hesitant to buy into this, but then again I don't have much experience with car parts/repairs/prices. I was backing out of the garage at the time, and his car was in the driveway directly behind me. So it wasn't as if I was going even 10 mph at the time. There are some dented spots that I think could be popped out, but there is a tiny scratch that went through the paint. So D says the whole door will have to be repainted/replaced.

I feel like shit even though this is really payback of sorts. When we lived in NOLA several years ago, HE backed into MY car, which was parked just behind his in the driveway. We took it over to one of those X-A-Dent places and they popped it out, and it wasn't a big deal at all. I suppose this is different, but nevertheless proves that accidents do happen and my number was up.....it just f##$ing sucks.

To add insult to injury, our handyman never showed up this weekend to help with fall leaf cleanup (we have to do a really big cleanup 2-3 times each fall season and sometimes enlist the help of others b/c with 5 large oaks and a big yard, it's a BIG job). The yard was out of control and I really didn't want to let it go any more, and it's supposed to start raining tomorrow. So I went out there and raked about 30 bags of leaves over 2 hours (55-gallon bags). I am paying for it now with blisters on my palms and aching shoulders and back. Penance for my transgression earlier today, I suppose. Anyway, you can't even tell I did much unless you see the 30 bags of trash at the curb. My garbage men will be thrilled on Wednesday.

I have a headache. I think tonight calls for an early bedtime.

Please pray that my husband's estimate on the car repairs is wrong. We may not know for a while as we're not in a hurry to fix it....

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