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I haven't been posting much lately...too much drama going on. Family drama, Abby drama (lots of night waking/issues), house stuff (we finally hired a decorator and I wish we'd done so much much sooner), holidays (my mom and Kevin were here for Thanksgiving), etc....the girls' third birthday is next week and their party is on Sunday. I hope it all goes off without a hitch. Not likely, considering Dan's on double ER call all weekend. I'm praying for a quiet Sunday morning at the very least (all we need is 2 hours, please God) at both hospitals so that we can enjoy it as a family.

On another note, a friend of mine joined Jazzercise and we are going together this afternoon with all 4 of our kids. I made her promise not to laugh at me, seeing as I lack proper coordination and am generally 1-2 steps behind everyone else. But at least the kids can play together and I have more motivation to go to class. Thanks, Wendy!

Abby has been waking lots during the night, driving me bonkers. Sometimes she's sleepwalking/talking in her sleep. Sometimes she wants a drink of water or is tangled up in her covers. But the newest thing is that she needs to potty in the wee (pun intended) hours of the morning (i.e. 4-5:30 a.m.). While I am proud of her for staying dry all night, this new development is exhausting. I suppose I need to start limiting her liquid intake or talk to her lots about taking herself potty in the night (not sure how this will go and whether or not she'll wake Izzy in the process). I'll need to get another night light for their bathroom, too. And it would be helpful if she'd wear Pull Ups to bed (long story, but we can't use them. and whenever I put her to sleep in panties, she wets her bed. but every time she sleeps in a diaper, she wakes up dry the next day)....I am sure it's a phase just like anything else, and it doesn't help that she's cutting some new molars. It may simply be that she's uncomfortable and therefore not sleeping as well/as soundly as usual. We have our 3-year checkup next week, and our pediatrician is great about helping with these sorts of things. If I can make it for another week! Ack!
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Seven years ago today....

Those who were there remember this well. Why couldn't anyone properly hold up MY chair during the Hava Nagila?

A close up of the sheer terror I was feeling just before they dropped me.

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