missing Emilie

It is Christmas Day, my girls are napping, and despite having had a lovely morning with them, I continue to be consumed by thoughts of Emilie (http://lemmondrops.blogspot.com/), who passed away earlier this week after battling cancer.

I "met" Emilie via a TTC (trying to conceive) message board I was a member of several years back, and I think she may have even been on The Knot boards before that, but I can't remember for sure. At any rate, I began reading her blog at that point (long before I started my own, obviously) and although we never met, I feel like I've lost a dear friend. I always eagerly awaited her blog updates, hoping for good news. I was stunned last week to read that she was under home hospice care, and even more shocked when she passed away so quickly once that move was made.

Emilie was an incredible writer, and a mother of two darling boys, Daniel and Benjamin. She is also survived by her husband, Steve. I ache for all of them. I am sad that Christmas for them will forever be tainted by the memory of losing their mother and wife. Nonetheless, I am relieved Emilie's passing was peaceful and that she was surrounded by her family. I cannot begin to imagine what they are all going through.

My heart is breaking. I feel helpless. I live far away. I wish there was something I could do. All I know is Emilie was special to me and she will be greatly missed. I keep going to her blog out of habit, and hoping for another update from Steve. I wonder if he will continue to post, or if it will be too painful...?

Emilie, you were loved by soooo many people. You touched so many lives. You were beloved. And I love your quote. and you are right---CANCER SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Thank you to Monica, my idol at Ruby Chickadee :http://rubychickadee.blogspot.com/, for bestowing this award upon me. I'm not quite sure I qualify as "Kreativ," but who am I to refuse?

I am to make a list of six things that make me happy before I pass this award on to other bloggers.

  1. I am happy that we have a roof over our heads, food to eat, clothes to wear, and similar things I tend to take for granted;

  2. I am happy to have my daughters-- I appreciate their tolerance of and patience with me;

  3. I am happy for the experience of motherhood, the most precious gift;

  4. I am happy to have my husband. He is my rock;

  5. I am happy to have my parents, my brothers, my aunt and uncles, my niece, my sister-in-law, my cousins...without family where would any of us be?

  6. I am happy for the friends I have made over many years---some friends whose faces I've never seen, whose words and thoughts I have only read...as well as those whom I've grown up with or met over the years, those I talk to regularly.

I pass this award on to (and I am sorry I haven't figured out how to post a link without writing out the web address, GRRR):







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