a video courtesy of my brother mark---taken on their recent trip up here to visit us....




Judaism is not a religion, the synagogue is not a church, and the rabbi is not a priest. Judaism is not a mere adjunct to life: it comprises all of life. To be a Jew is not a mere part, it is the sum total of our task in life. To be a Jew in synagogue and the kitchen, in the field and the warehouse, in the office and the pulpit, as father and mother, as servant and as master, as man and as citizen, with one's feelings and one's thoughts, in word and in deed, in enjoyment and privation, with the needle and the graving-tool, with the pen and the chisel---that is what it means to be a Jew. An eternal life supported by the Divine ideal and lived and brought to fulfillment according to the Divine will.

-Samson Raphael Hirsch


a sampling of professional pics taken last fall


Can you stand more house pics?

the new fixture in the front entryway...
MUCH better.

kitchen. tile is almost done, just a tiny bit left at upper left corner above cabinets.

Dining room is basically done. Chandelier and sconces are in. Navy ceiling (rug we got for in there has a lot of navy in it) with the tan walls. love it! And... we have electricity! Let there be light!

Decorating Daddy's Birthday Cake


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