call me a stickler if you will, but....

I think it's insane that a popular clothing chain like American Eagle could let something like this be printed on a t-shirt. This has to be the most elementary of grammar lessons, one we all learned in probably 2nd grade---the difference between "you're" and "your." If you don't know it, SHAME ON YOU. It's that simple----an apostrophe takes the place of a letter that is missing:

you're = you are, i.e. "You're the best friend I ever had," or "You're a dork."
your = denotes possession, i.e. "your shirt is dirty," or "your dog is cute."

Look at this item and tell me what you see. And they're selling it for $19.50. Who let this one sneak by? It didn't even sneak---this is glaring. I'd crawl under a rock if I'd been the one responsible for this. I'm also quite certain it doesn't come down to any one person, but society as a whole. People in this country don't even know the proper rules of their native language. It saddens and scares me.

Go to:

Hit the "View Larger" button once the item pops up. Tell me what you think.


Dump Cake

I'd never heard of Dump Cake, but we spied the recipe on Ruby Chickadee's blog and decided it sounded super yummy! So here are my two little master chefs hard at work:

tempus fugit

time flies.

starting tomorrow, finishing touches will be put on the house: paint will be touched up, appliances will be put in, and plumbing installed, among a few other things.

meanwhile, back at the ranch, we're still packing and i am stressed. and i sincerely hope i don't have to drive way back out to BFE to get more boxes. but they are used & free, so i should be happy since i'm being green while moving and not having to pay for any supplies.

a policeman pulled me over on Friday. it was NOT a good day. the girls were being terrors and we had to just get out of the house....so we left to run a few errands. i apparently made an illegal right on red. as i saw the flashing lights come up behind me, my heart sank. i pulled into the Target parking lot (where we were heading for some of said errands), parked, rolled down my window and waited. gruff older man came up and barked, "license and registration, please," and i quickly complied, and burst into tears as soon as he turned around to take my paperwork back to his car. then the girls started going wacky on me, but it was my own fault for crying in front of them. i just couldn't get myself together because a ticket would be icing on the cake of my life lately.

this day, however, God must have been smiling upon me, because after several minutes the cop returned and handed me a written warning instead of a big fat ticket. he started lecturing me about watching out for the signs declaring where it's illegal to turn right on red. i stopped listening and began thanking him and apologizing profusely, and internally scolding myself for the way i've been acting/behaving recently (even though it's out of my control, truly). but basically, crisis averted. i bought the girls some new markers and coloring books at Target to make up for my moody mess. i must've still looked pretty rough, though, because another mom let me go ahead of her at the checkout. i thanked her over and over (girls were bordering on meltdown mode as lunch time was approaching), paid for our things, and got out of there. i drove the speed limit home, carefully looking at all the signage along the way.

this morning i took them to our temple for a program called Mazel Tots. Today's theme was Shabbat and they made their own tzedakah boxes. We also had some challah, graham crackers, juice, played with the other kids, and then left. Photos will be posted later, although my camera battery died in the middle of the program (Murphy's Law). The girls had a good time, and it makes me feel good to expose them to Judaism when I can (outside our own home, I mean). It will be nice when we can attempt to bring them to services again sometime...when they are more capable of listening/behaving, and respecting the service. When will that be?

Finally, I started taking my own Judaism class last week, and am super excited. It meets every Tuesday evening for 2 hours, and will go over the next 3 months. The rabbi promised if we stick with it, we'll be reading Hebrew by the end of the class. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but that would be so, so cool! I've already completed my first homework (including some lessons from my Hebrew workbook), and I'm responsible for (I signed up for) bringing snacks to next week's class. Any suggestions? Was thinking homemade cookies and shortbread. Easy, non-messy, and non-perishable. It doesn't have to be kosher, and it doesn't have to be healthy. But perhaps I should still bring some fruit as well.

P.S. My doctor increased my dosage of Synthroid, as my last labs were still off. He gently reminded me it will be awhile until I begin to notice improvements in the way I feel...and promised that once they get my levels right, it will be far easier to manage me. I am hopeful this is the truth and that I don't end up being an exception to every rule. And since I rarely seem to be able to go to Jazzercise more than 3x/week, I am praying this is enough to keep the major poundage from coming on. We'll see. Ugh.

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