around the house on a Wednesday....

getting emptier...

the boxes are really getting to me. they're everywhere.

and emptier....

but of course i can't pack any toys yet. and i HAVE to know---how many phones does one person need, anyway?!

finishing touches...

swing set and play house are now in the new backyard (and unfortunately in mud until the weather is warm enough for sod)

our closet (there's an island in the middle w/ more storage)

my tub is finally in!!!!! woohoo!

one of the vanities in the master bath. mirrors in!

upstairs guest room. carpet is in. hooray!

my laundry room

girls' bathroom (it's a jack n' jill, connects to the guest room (affectionally referred to as "GiGi's room" by the girls)

wallpaper in middle of girl's bathroom---but on either side where the vanities are, the wallpaper is green w/ white polka dots---that paper hasn't been installed yet, though...

carpet on stairs going in...

powder bath wallpaper is in

we looooove this vessel sink!


drowning in boxes

you haven't heard much from me lately because frankly, life here is insane.

boxes everywhere. empty places abound.

the girls' swing set and play house were disassembled over the weekend and reassembled over at the new house. that caused a bit of a scene, especially since we had beautiful weather when it occurred and could have been playing on said swing set.

dan's been out of town at a conference for the last few days and i've been packing and trying to remain calm. needless to say, i am very much looking forward to christy's baby shower this coming weekend and being able to escape for 48 hours.

i continue to eat everything in sight and my girls just had breakfast for dinner, and are currently polishing off some Little Debbie Valentine's heart cakes. i'm such a bad mom. oh, and then they wanted marshmellows, so i relented. we're trying to use up whatever randoms are in the pantry between now and the move....which is Friday, 2/20 in case you missed the bulletin. oy!

meanwhile, dad is safely out of surgery and will be discharged tomorrow. kevin returns from his exotic vacation on saturday, and i guess that is about all the news i know!

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