new house pics

upstairs guest bedroom

study/office (view of desk is obscured)


back porch

girls' room

master bath

our room

playroom in basement

bar in basement

formal living room

dining room

view of kitchen from living room (we've since rearranged the furniture)

i heart my husband

my husband kicks ass! even though we are having serious computer issues, he figured out how to load some pics onto my laptop (desktop computer is not working and my laptop won't recognize our digital camera)....so i'm able to update! thanks, danny!!! woohoo!!!

Finally! First snow in the new house---3/1/09



today was so long and horrid i'd imagine gouging my eyeballs out could have been far less painful. we were stuck at home all day due not to bad weather, but instead having to wait on various service people to fix little things around here. one being our bed, which collapsed last night. "oh," you might be chuckling, "erin & dan must've been having some really HOT & crazy sex!" no. it would appear the movers reassembled our bed incorrectly upon arrival here at the new house last week. fun times. and some of the tv wiring had to be adjusted and a few other random things. still having internet troubles (no wireless, which means i cannot blog/facebook/email at will while i am simultaneously playing tea party with my kids) and still no USB ability, so photos will be a long time coming. damn it.

we are mostly settled in here, but still trying to get organized. we are about 95% unpacked and even have pictures/art on the walls. that would be due to my OCD husband, not me (but i know you were thinking it was me!!!). i admit that does help it feel more like home.

the girls are going to school tomorrow and i am getting my fat arse to Jazzercise. i've really let myself go lately. ugh. i disgust myself.


My life in Haiku--through mine and my daughters' eyes

(inspired by recent Real Simple)

Izzy says, "Damn it."
I try hard not to giggle
Pleased it wasn't "shit."

We can wipe ourselves!
Clogging toilets is so fun!
Please use the whole roll.

Abby's precious gift:
A slimy, hand-picked booger.
So thoughtful, honey.

Dora panties stuck
"Mommy, I have a wedgie,"
Loudly in Target

Snuggle time on laps
Suddenly a bad smell wafts
"Excuse me," says Izzy.

Stuck inside, I cry.
Nasty weather breeds boredom
Kids watch hours of tv

I hear loud crying
Blood-curdling screams ensue
Can't I just poop, please?

Time for healthy snacks
More high-fructose corn syrup?
It's in everything.

False advertising
Box reads "nutritious fruit snacks inside."
sugar high contradicts

En route to Starbucks
I need my fix to survive
Coffee save me now!

Bath time for our kids
Equals bad monsoon season
Watch out for splash zone

I want pink pants, too!
Izzy has some but not me.
That's not fair, Mommy!

Laundry never ends.
Maybe I should sleep in here?
Yay! Tide doesn't snore!

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