I've been struggling with my thyroid again lately and finally called my doctor yesterday. Of course he's out of town all week, so I spoke with his nurse. I've been having that feeling of tightness or fullness in my throat/neck again, so much so that it kept me up a lot of last night. Today I started feeling short of breath. These symptoms are ones I've had before, but not since immediately following my radiation treatment last September. As far as I knew, that procedure essentially obliterated my thyroid gland; so it's strange that it is apparently still capable of doing something, i.e. swelling up like a balloon inside my throat.

The nurse fit me in with another doctor on Thursday afternoon and ordered labs prior, so I went and did that part today so that she'll have the results in time for my appointment. I am hopeful it's a fluke, that it's nothing, or something easily resolved (again) with some steroids and beta blockers (like last time). I guess I feel like a dimwit because I know so little about my own disease. I was thinking maybe a trip to the library and some research is in order. Silly me, I thought the radiation was the end of the road and the solution to all my problems (and perhaps it is, I could be jumping to conclusions), but perhaps I was wrong. I sincerely hope I won't end up having to have it cut out anyway (which is what I was hoping to avoid from the outset, and the reasoning behind the far less invasive radioiodine ablation therapy).

It's also strange because my labs were getting better, even as of last month. My endocrinologist has been tweaking my Synthroid dosage slowly to get things just right. I have even noticed that the depression I was experiencing has gotten a lot better, and I'm not as short on patience with my kids. I thought things were getting better. I'm still really exhausted a lot and I've gained weight. That is par for the course, but I do hope once this gets fixed that I can lose what I've packed on.

My dad, Kory, and Kevin are driving up here Thursday to spend the weekend with us. The girls are very excited, and they keep asking when they're going to arrive.

My Judaism class meets tonight, and I need to go freshen up. More updates soon!

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