I just want to know why little children feel the need to announce LOUDLY and REPEATEDLY that they need to poop in the middle of whatever public place you have to be in (for us, it tends to be Target or the grocery store, because we are always there). I suppose I need to teach them to just say, "Mommy, I need to go to the restroom," but I'm not sure it would work.

We were at the toy store this morning looking for a birthday present for a friend. And TWO SEPARATE times during said shopping trip Abby made me take her to the bathroom to poop. Otherwise we'd have been in & out of the place in 5-7 minutes--seriously. I knew what I wanted to get and just had to have them wrap it up for me. But no, it quickly became a 30- minute errand. Of course she announced her need as I was standing at the counter handing my items to the cashier/saleswoman. I'm sure they are used to it since it's a fairly popular store that caters to young ones (and they have a very nice, clean restroom for public use), but still I felt myself flush (pun intended) and for an instant wished I could just disappear.

Because she pooped twice at the toy store, I felt as if we should be all clear to go to the grocery store afterwards. There's a winter storm approaching and we're expecting as much as 8 inches of snow tomorrow, so I wanted to make sure we were well stocked. But no, we're shopping and Abby insists she has to go potty again. I refuse this time, because I'm quite certain there's nothing left in her intestinal tract. She then proceeds to get angry with me and start shrieking at the top of her little lungs, "I....HAVE....TO....GO....P-O-T-T-Y!" My mind races. What can I bribe this child with to temporarily distract her/shut her up?

There is only one answer, and it's candy, folks. Pure sugar.

Sure enough, I paste a smile on my face and say, "You girls have been so good, I think you deserve a little treat. Should we each pick some candy?" And we pull up to the check out aisle. SCORE. They both jump out of the cart like it's on fire and start tearing through all the packets. They can only identify a few kinds of candy (Starburst, M & M's, and Skittles are really all that they know), so thank God for small favors. I let them each pick one thing and I never heard another word about anyone needing to use the potty again.


Today in Jazzercise...

This afternoon I went to Jazzercise. I keep promising myself I'll go more often, but there have been too many excuses of late. I need to get over it, get off my bum, and just make every effort to get there more than 3 times a week, which has been my average for a looooong time.

Anyway, I started chatting with one of my idols while we were waiting for class to begin. I don't know any of my idols very well, as I am usually too self conscious to start any conversations. This chic has a rockin' bod. She has kids, too, and I'd guess she's around my age, maybe a few years older. Her ass doesn't jiggle, her thighs are long and lean, and obviously there's no muffin top to speak of. She told me I looked good. I think I instantly turned 20 shades of purple and told her I'd been meaning to make it to class more often, but we just moved, etc...and she confessed that she probably goes to class too much. I admitted that she's one of those people I'm always ogling (sp?) and wondering if I will ever look like her/them? I think I need to pay it forward with this and tell other people how awesome they look, because if there was ever a time I needed to hear something nice about myself from some random/anonymous person with no ulterior motive, it's now.

I really wonder what I could look like if I went to class more like 4-5 times a week...we have a wedding to go to in Atlanta in early May, so perhaps that's incentive. And once winter is really over (ahem, snow in the forecast again this weekend, wtf?!?) I intend to resume running. Not sure how often or how much, but thinking in conjunction with the Jazzercise it will be really good.

When I'm jumping around in Jazzercise I can feel so many parts of myself jiggling. Yuck. I always stand in the back row so no one can watch this. And as I stare at the other girls who look so amazing, I always wonder what it really takes to look like them, whether it's attainable or even realistic? I also wonder what they eat and if they diet at all. I think if you are working out 4-5 times a week, you can probably eat more of what you want (within reason, I clearly don't mean McDonald's and ice cream) and not worry so much. I have never been good at denying myself or curbing cravings. I love food too much. Just call me "Hoover."



fun baking stuff---VGABS, the Virtual Great American Bake Sale

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our first manis & pedis

Abby & Izzy were invited to a friend's birthday party over the weekend, and all of the little girls were treated to manis & pedis at a local nail salon. I wasn't sure how they'd handle it, but we often paint their nails at home. This, however, was our first formal visit to a nail salon.


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