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so, Dan is in Naples, Florida with his high school cronies. an annual trip they take together filled to the brim with booze, poker, golf, Totino's pizzas, and all sorts of other debauchery I'm probably not privy to. meanwhile, i'm at home with the kids, doing the same old thankless jobs---breaking up fist fights over toy cell phones, plunging clogged toilets, bribing the girls with promises of sugar-laden snacks, and cleaning up all the dog crap from my yard. am i jealous that Dan is with his friends, basking in the warmth of the southern sun, drinking cold beer and doing all the things he loves best?

i'd be a big fat liar if i said no.

however, there are a few things i can be happy about:
1. christy and bret welcomed their first child yesterday, a daughter they named "Caroline." she is beautiful!!!
2. my glasses came in and i picked them up today. it will be an adjustment, but it's nice to have a good optometrist who has given me an option besides contacts (which i've been wearing since i was 12-13).
3. i have made it to jazzercise 4 times this week so far!
4. i treated myself to some new Boden clothes. everything was 25 % off...and although I spent a fair amount, i typically return half of everything i buy because it doesn't fit/look right.
5. i am taking the girls out to dinner tonight, meeting my friend Shelly & her twin girls. Shelly's dh is out of town as well, so since we're both in hell we decided we may as well share in the joy.
6. i bought the girls jellies from Target today---remember those? i had some when i was little and to me they epitomize the essence of girlhood....i got them pink ones, just like mine were. will post pics if they work out.

Happy Friday, everyone!


PSA--soda ring things

Whenever I am getting rid of those plastic rings that hold packs of soft drinks together, I make sure to cut them. If you don't, animals can get themselves stuck inside the rings and in some cases it can be deadly. Our trash winds up everywhere (not just landfills) despite our best efforts, and wildlife can be adversely affected. Here's what to do:

more things i love....

The Rub Away Bar from Crate and Barrel, $7.50. Don't you hate it when you're cooking garlic, fish, shrimp, etc. and your hands get all stinky? Try as you might, you can't get the smell off....well, I just bought this, hoping for a miracle. And I got it!



reusable produce bags

So you bring your own bags to the grocery store---you're a green rockstar! But you'll be even MORE of a green rockstar if you also bring your own reusable produce bags like these:


Thank you, Andrea from Amkdesigns on Etsy.com!
Amkdesigns offered to help me do a giveaway, so stay tuned!

things I love...

Vacuum bb's from the Restoration Hardware Cleaning Collection....drop a few in your vacuum cleaner bag, and after a quick whoosh around the room, voila! Smells like you've been cleaning for hours! p.s. I am partial to the Meyer Lemon scent...

I also love Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day cleaning products in the geranium scent (the candles are great, too!). All of her things are eco-friendly, so you know that gets a vote in my book:

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