i bought some of these today!


on sale at Anthropologie...too cute! and very green of me!
(lots of tres cool stuff on this site besides the loofahs, though)


feeling sorry for myself

i am at home, the girls are at school, and i feel like a truck's run over me.

friday night we were unknowingly exposed to the stomach flu...(we had dinner with friends Lucy & Lola since their daddy was also out of town)
and by sunday afternoon abby started vomiting. my girls haven't yet had enough
experience puking, so they don't know to run to the toilet. fortunately my new nickname has
become, "The Vomit Catcher," or "The Vomit Anticipator." I have become quite good
at both of these jobs...but unfortunately I've also succumbed to the literal interpretation of the former nickname, as I have caught the vomit virus myself. Izzy remains healthy, and I hope she escapes it altogether, but I'm not getting my hopes up. There's something about cleaning vomit chunks out of the barrel of the washing machine that takes motherhood to a whole new level.

i am achy and cold and my stomach and head hurt. i am on the couch watching "The Truth About Cats and Dogs," one of my all-time favorite movies. i am marveling at the size of the cordless phones in this movie--it's hilarious. i love the character of Abby (played by Janeane Garofalo), whom I completely identify with...it's a classic.

time for a nap and/or a bath. i am disgusting and need to recharge.

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