the birds and the bees

I am watching an Oprah I dvr'd from earlier this week that focuses on talking to your kids about sex.

All I can think is, "Oh my God."

They showed this one mom giving her 10-year old daughter "the talk" with the help of a professional sex therapist...and of course I imagined myself having to do the same thing in a few years.

This episode recalled lots of whispering at slumber parties about the birds & the bees, the "bases," getting your period, etc. My mom gave me some books when I was very young (perhaps too young, but after all, my brother Kevin was born when I was almost 6 and apparently I asked a lot of questions about how he came to be!). They featured these goofy looking cartoon characters. one book was called,"Where Did I Come From," and the other was, "What's Happening to Me?" It doesn't take a genius to figure out what these were about. I brought the former one to school with me and showed all my friends at recess. Mom got a call from my teacher; she had no idea I'd stuffed the book in my backpack and taken it with me to school!

I think it's funny how little I really knew/understood about everything despite these books and having had talks with my mom. I never had serious boyfriends until I was a senior in high school, and never had sex until I was in college. but seeing kids these days---it seems like they're growing up much younger now (does that make sense?). And that's scary to me. I want to arm my girls with as much information as they need, but I hope I can do it in an effective way. I also hope they will be smart about sex. Perhaps if I have a drink or two before our "talks," things will go smoothly. Ha!


starting something new....

last week i started having fat free cottage cheese with fresh fruit for breakfast (instead of cheerios/oatmeal/english muffin----> loads of CARBS)...and raw almonds for snacks. i am going to try and start making small changes in my diet little by little so that gradually the whole picture will become more healthy. cottage cheese has zero carbs and lots of protein, plus calcium, and it's low in calories. the fresh fruit = vitamin C + fiber, etc...and almonds are also high in protein and fiber, low in carbs/sugar....smart snacking. i have to have little snacks throughout the day or my blood sugar crashes and i get shaky and sweaty in a matter of minutes. i can usually feel it coming on, and if i don't have a snack handy i'm in trouble. i bought a few bags of almonds and stashed some in my car and some in my purse. so i have no excuse not to snack well!!!

i got a mani yesterday with my cool friend Anne and it was a lovely morning treat after a hellish week. i am going to get a pedi later this week. i enjoy getting the two together, but it spreads out the pampering if i can enjoy them separately!

i am going to try a rachel ray recipe i tore out of a magazine from the vet's office the other day (shame on me!)----meat pies made with ground turkey and using that Pillsbury pizza dough. needing easy/fast/semi-healthy dinner ideas!

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