jazzercise is offering a 4-week program appropriately called, "Buts and Guts." it lasts throughout the month of May. i'm really nervous about trying it---i don't want to be one of the freak shows in the back row who can't cut it. but i admit it sounds awesome and i'm definitely interested in trying. it's only $50...but perhaps would be nice if i could sample/try a class to make sure it's something i can handle!

in other news, i think the girls are finally giving up naps.
nearly every day has become a battle and izzy typically gets up several times before finally settling down an hour or so later. if the nap lasts too long or goes too late, then we're screwed at bedtime because no one is really tired enough. we'll see what happens, but i may end up just trying to take the nap away except on days when they really appear to need one.

i have been experimenting with Twitter lately and have a lot to learn. it's fun, although i haven't quite figured it all out yet. i almost feel like i don't belong there b/c it appears to be more of a business/networking thing, and since i'm a lowly SAHM, it's not like i can push my products or score new clients. yet it's always fun to meet new people and make new friends!

we area flying home to NOLA in June. it's my dad's 60th birthday and it's been too long since we were last there (busy spring with moving into the new house, plus no direct flight to/from there exists right now). the girls and i will be staying a full week, while dan will be there only 4-5 days. he is playing in a golf tourney here in KC the latter part of that week, so i'm risking it all and flying back alone with the girls so he can have a fun guys' weekend. again. i'm SUCH a nice wife!

finally, i am in lllluuuurrrrve with Orla Kiely, uber cool designer of hip things---particularly infatuated with her notebooks & stationary, as her clothing is expensive and i am also ultra-conservative when it comes to dressing. she also makes fab coffee mugs/plates with neat patterns (i'm partial to the flowers and fruit prints). Target and Anthropologie carry some of her things and i've been salivating. must make first purchase soon!

i was thinking my blog might be more attractive if i actually knew how to do web design/HTML stuff. alas, i am not computer savvy! oh well. a girl can dream...


and i just bought a set of these for the girls...


Dan and I already use cloth napkins at all of our meals, but the girls are always grabbing ours. Now they can have their own fun ones!

Now THIS is da bomb!



Earth Day is tomorrow....

and found some good stuff in today's paper to share:

Why Keep Harping About Plastic Bags?

Because we keep using them. Don't have to. Some countries and cities have banned them or apply a surcharge for using them.

1. Plastic bags are a petroleum product and a waste of a non-renewable resource. Americans use 100 billion bags a year, requiring 12 million barrels of oil.

2. They don't biodegrade. They photodegrade, becoming bits of plastic dust, a contaminant, and even that takes many, many decades.

3. They are rarely recycled (only about 1 percent) and become litter pollution. They sully streams and clog roadside drains. Plastic bags are a top debris item encountered during coastal cleanups.

4. They endanger wildlife, particularly sea life. Animals become entangled in them, get suffocated by them or ingest them. Every square kilometer in the ocean contains an estimated 18,000 pieces of plastic.

What to do:

1. Bring reusable bags to the store (AND NOT JUST TO THE GROCERY STORE--EVERYWHERE!!!). If you only have one or two items, don't use a bag.

2. Choose paper instead? NO WAY! Manufacturing paper bags creates water and air pollution and uses lots of energy.

3. Recycle or reuse your plastic bags.

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