more pics from Dino O'Dell & this morning

Jumpin' & dancin' around at the Plaza Library
We love the pizza song!

Burning off some of that excess energy

"Mom, when is he going to sing Itty Bitty Monsters?"

Dino O'Dell

We went to see Dino O'Dell play at the Plaza Library this morning, and afterwards stalked him at The Mixx, where he was having lunch (actually, we got there first). Abby was brave enough to pose for a picture and harass him a bit, complaining that he didn't play "Itty Bitty Monsters." Thanks for a great show, Dino!!! (more pics to come shortly!)


new curtains!

Close up of fabric for living room curtains
Formal living room, window looks out on side/back yard.

Close up of front window in formal living room

Full view....

Close up of my FAVORITE thing ever-our dining room curtains. Fleur de lis = touch of home!

(only one window in the dining room)


Evidence of Terracycle hard at work!

Look what I found at my local Target this morning! I was sad because they don't have any of the Capri Sun tote bags, but maybe soon? Maybe these are a sign of things to come? If you look on the Terracycle site under their Products tab, you can view things they make with what we send them for recycling....but I have yet to find any of it in stores or be able to buy on-line. I found these awesome pencil cases for $1 each today! It makes me so excited to see our trash finding a new life/home other than a landfill somewhere. Hooray!

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