I recently decided to revisit one of my favorite books of all time, and it's fabulous. If you've never read it, shame on you. It's a classic. Sylvia Plath is so inspiring to me. I'm at the part when she and her friends all get food poisoning after the Ladies' Day luncheon. Lol! I lent my copy (which looks just like this one) to my brother, Kevin, who recently read it. He said he liked it, but we haven't yet been able to really discuss....


want vs. need---clothing I covet

I really really really really WANT this jacket from Ann Taylor Loft. Do I need it? Surely not in this weather... it has pretty ruffles around the collar and it's a lovely muted chocolate brown color. Sigh. This isn't the best pic of it, but if you're in the store, check it out. Drool.

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