My 33rd Birthday---My First From-Scratch Cake

Getting all set up with ingredients, tools, etc.
Working on the batter, adding the vanilla extract.

Fortunately I had a little helper named Abby.

Pulling them out of the oven. I think I overcooked them a tad. Could've been more moist.
Starting the chocolate frosting--damn, have forgotten how to flip/turn the pics.
Frosting the cake with homemade chocolate butter cream, yum yum!

Carefully inverting the second layer

Sadly I do not own a cake stand. Need to add this to my list. Plastic flowered tray instead.

Little helpers like to lick the frosting off the mixer attachments.

Izzy LOVED the cake. It was okay. I honestly felt like the boxed stuff is better. Of course this was just my first attempt, so who knows...I think I screwed up a few things, like using salted butter instead of unsalted, and failing to sift the dry ingredients beforehand. Live and learn, I guess. But it still felt really good to prove to myself that I CAN actually make a REAL cake that doesn't come out of a Betty Crocker box. That's a decent accomplishment for my 33rd year.


Walking for Alzheimer's

On October 3, 2009 I will be participating in the Memory Walk for our local chapter of the Alzheimer's Association. I am also serving on the board this year for the first time and am so honored to be doing so. The Memory Walk is our signature fundraising event and proceeds will be used to support a wide range of services and programs for the more than 50,000 individuals and 200,000 family members & caregivers in our bi-state area as well as for research advancements to cure this devastating disease.

As many of you know, Dan's grandmother, Helen, suffered from and eventually succumbed to Alzheimer's. She was like a grandmother to me and I miss her dearly. She is the main reason I am doing this.

Here is a link to my site where you can learn more. Please consider making a donation to support me & the Alzheimer's Association through the Memory Walk. If everyone I know donates a dollar, I'll be so excited!!!
Click here: http://kansascitymw.kintera.org/erinlynn76


My mom's house post-Katrina

Standing on Mom's back porch looking down her driveway & across to neighbor's house.
You can see where the water level had been along the side of the house.

Looking up the block from Mom's house. Other people were trying to get into their homes, too.

My brother, Kevin, at the intersection closest to Mom's house. This was several weeks post-Katrina, and as you can see, the water was still slowly draining out of parts of Metairie.

Looking down my mom's block.

My mom's bedroom. Because mom doesn't live in Lakeview (which was one of the hardest hit areas), her flooding was not quite as bad; however, you can still see that the water came up several feet in her bedroom and then the mold did the rest of the damage.

Mom's bathroom. Water still on the floor and in the tub, draining slowly because there was nowhere for it to really go...

Looking across the street from Mom's house, view from her front steps.

Looking out her front door. Kevin and his friend Lee had to take a canoe to get there.

Lee helping Kevin paddle down the block.

Another view looking down my mom's street.

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