Baby You and Me Got A Groovy Kind of Love...

I was reading my friend Ami's blog recently and one of her writing prompts mentioned the Phil Collins' song "A Groovy Kind of Love."

Whenever I hear this song, I'm instantly 12 years old again, wearing my red UNITS outfit. I'm at a friend's birthday party. The room is dark and Phil Collins croons loudly from the stereo. Couples keep pairing off, slowly swaying to the music. Their bodies are wrapped together like curling ribbons atop a present.

I'm standing there feeling very clumsy, awkward, and alone. Each time a boy saunters over to the girls' side of the room, I hold my breath, waiting, my heart thudding in my chest. Each time, he chooses someone else, their hands first tentatively touching, then firmly grasping as they drift out to the dance floor. It feels just like P.E., when I'm one of the last to be chosen for a team; only this time, the sting is worse. It's more personal.

Tears fill my eyes and I'm grateful for the darkness because no one can see my sadness. I end up running to the restroom because I can't stand it any longer. I cry and cry and cry for what seems like eternity. Someone comes in to console me, but it's meaningless because she's had a dance partner all evening.

I'd never wish a night like this on my daughters and desperately want them to be well liked. It is my secret fear that they will suffer through an agonizing adolescence like mine. While times like these shaped me into a stronger person, they conversely made me into a loner. I still often feel that deep down, I ultimately have only myself to rely on. The fear of being left behind and alone follows and haunts me. But I can choose to stand on the sidelines crying, or I can be my own dance partner and shake and shimmy all by myself.


The Book of Qualities by J. Ruth Gendler

The Book of Qualities by J. Ruth Gendler has been a favorite of mine since I was in high school. If you are intrigued by what you see here, I encourage you to order it from Amazon.com or check your local library. Below are two excerpts. Gendler takes 74 everyday qualities (Pleasure, Anger, Beauty, Change, Stillness, Terror, Resignation and Courage, to name a few) and transforms them into characters we relate to, see in ourselves, and long to befriend or become. Beautiful illustrations accompany the descriptions of many of the Qualities. Obviously Courage is one I aspire to, but there are so many more. I should also add that this isn't a book book---it's a short, really easy read.You don't have to read it cover-to-cover, there are no characters to keep track of, no plot to follow. Just beautiful stuff, plain and simple. Inspiring.

Books are my best friends. Stay tuned for my quasi-review (for I know not how to write any sort of official review) of the book I just finished, Loving Frank by Nancy Horan. But without further adieu, I give you some of Gendler's Qualities:


Spring Swap, or, Let's Send Fun Presents to Each Other!

Shortmama over at Family of Shorts is hosting a super fun Spring Swap!

So what do you send for a spring swap? That is up to you! What are your favorite things about spring? What reminds you of spring? Does your town, city, state do something special in the spring? Does your family have spring traditions? These are all ideas you can pull from to come up with your items. You can buy things, make things or both!

If you're interested, please link up to Shortmama's post about the swap here to view the rules and sign up.
Secondly, I've been trying to convince Hubs to do a post here at The Mother Load. He's been dragging his heels, perhaps for lack of proper inspiration. So I was thinking if you guys submitted some questions, it might spur him to actually do it. Arizona Mamma over at Our Daze in the Dessert did this last week with her husband Andy, and it was so cute. You should go read it over here! And then send me your questions for him. Thank you in advance!

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