A Warning To All Bloggers...Watch Your Backs. And Let's Look Out For Each Other!

**Update: I went to www.myfreecopyright.com and have successfully taken the steps to protect my blog this way thanks to your awesome suggestions. Please see the right side of my blog ------> Working on watermarking the next few days! THANK YOU ALL for your tips, support, and for passing this along so others are aware of what can happen.**

Today I need to give a shout out to an incredible blogger and friend who's got my back--June over at 3! A Charm. Go pay her a visit, tell her I sent you, and thank her for saving my life today. Juney noticed someone had posted a photo of MY girls on HER blog---and passed it off as her own. I immediately went over to check out Missy over at Is It Just Me (the blog has coincidentally been set to private within the last several hours since the shitstorm began) and was terrified to see a picture of Abby & Izzy that I posted only last week. I commented on the post, asked her to remove it immediately. She apologized and deleted the photo. I then learned another bloggy friend, Arizona Mamma over at Our Daze in the Desert, had found several of her posts stolen verbatim and posted on Missy's blog. You can read Shannon's post about it here.

Well guess what, Missy?

You're gonna be sorry, honey. Nobody puts The Mother Load in a corner.

This has me all kinds of riled up and I hope everyone will be careful from here on out. I do not feel threatened, I just think this chick wants to steal our snarkiness and pass it off as her own. It's sad, really. But I can't help being angry. It makes me wonder who else has stolen posts/pics from me and is pretending to be someone he/she isn't?

I am going to have to figure out how to copyright my stuff and watermark my photos. I have a lot to learn. It irks me that there are people out there that would even do something like this.

Before Missy set her blog to private, I noticed a few of my followers are following her. I'd ask you to reevaluate. I'd also ask you to look through her archives and make sure she hasn't stolen from you. I'd ask you how well you really know her.

I'll ask you to talk to your other friends about this. Make them aware of what is going on. I've been basking in the bloggy love and now I'm scared. And I want you to know that this is really ME. I am Erin. I am The Mother Load. I am Abby & Izzy's mommy. I actually exist. And I love to write.

No one is going to take this away from me.

***Deb over at Menopausal New Mom has also just written an excellent post about this....read it here. Thank you, Deb!

***Check out Ian's post about this too. You can read it over at The Daily Dose of Reality.

***Michele over at Finding Trinity posted as well. She was a follower of Missy's. Read her post here.


Memoir Monday: Even Stay-At-Home-Moms Do Karaoke (Badly), or, Bringing Mom Sexy Back Mommyologist Style

Today's the day, folks. Time to link up to Travis over at I Like To Fish!

So while today's tale doesn't truly qualify as a memoir because it just happened over the weekend, I am blatantly ignoring disregarding the rules of the genre and posting anyway. Because I'm a rebel like that.

The Mommyologist did a post last week about Bringing Mom Sexy Back. If you haven't done so already, please read it here. Ladies and gents, The Mother Load brought Sexy Mom back Saturday night. In a big way. And I have the dirt photos to prove it. I wore makeup (shocker), my new earrings and I even ditched my tennis shoes for a pair of black booties. I dared to wear a slinky Banana Republic top that's been hiding in the back of my closet for over a year with the tags still on it. I shook my money maker and belted out the lyrics to Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" although I can't carry a tune and sound like a sick cat when I sing. I really wanted to do Madonna's "Material Girl," but I was out voted. Which was too bad because I was totally channeling Madge Saturday night. I might've even sounded better singing something I've known all the words to since I was nine. Oh well---next time, maybe (if there is a next time!).

My other Bringing Mom Sexy Back friends were right up there with me. We bonded over beer and a bad karaoke band. They didn't even have the tv's, man. No little ball bouncing over the lyrics. We had to strain and squint at a single piece of paper we all had to share. Not the ideal karoake situation, to be sure. But we didn't care because we were the shit.

(See? I'm always the Amazon in the middle. WTH?)

The Mommyologist describes her Bringing Mom Sexy Back Moment:

"Since I’d gotten over that initial “new-kid-in-school” first night fear, I was able to get into a better groove and let my guard down a little more last night. Actually, I think I let my guard down a LOT. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but as soon as Shakira started playing over the speakers, a feeling of empowerment came over me, and in that moment I went from being a stay-at-home mom with A-cup breasts, a bit of a muffin-top, and a dimpled tush to a complete and total sex symbol."

I really related to this. I'm not Karaoke Girl. I'm not Slinky Top Girl. I'm not Makeup and Skinny Jeans Girl, either. I'm usually Dirty Sweatpants Mommy, Three-Days-Since-I-Showered-Mommy and Mommy Who Yells A Lot. But Saturday night I threw that baggage out the window along with my sports bra. I put on that Mom Sexy persona. I walked the walk and talked the talk--for a little while. And you know what?

I had a blast.

How do you bring Sexy Back?

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