Tickled Pink Today With Holly of 504 Main

I am Tickled Pink about so many things I don't even know where to begin! I absolutely adore this Friday tradition that Holly over at 504 Main started a few months ago. Her recent post "Raw, Green, and Feeling Fab" inspired me on so many levels. In addition to being polished and published, Holly is a Green Gal who's really thinking about what she's eating lately. You should check her out, especially that particular post.

Anypink, on with my list!

First, I am Tickled Pink that I won Project Mommyhood's Top Mommy Blogger of the Year Contest! Thank you all so much for your votes, tweets, and support last week. Lesley emailed me to let me know, but she's been a little busy, what with her baby due in 5 weeks and the fact that her hubby just returned from his recent deployment to the Middle East. So stay tuned for further details and a more formal announcement.

I am also Tickled Pink to declare with great pride that since Earth Day in April, I have gone vegetarian. With the exception of eating fish a few times, I have had no meat at all. I'm considering eliminating fish as well. It all started when I watched Food, Inc. (please watch it, if even to just educate yourself). I am also reading Jonathan Safran Foer's Eating Animals. I am really thinking about what I buy, eat, and feed my family. Because of Holly, I am going to try adding greens (spinach, kale, etc) to my morning fruit/protein smoothie. As of this morning, I'm down to 139.4 pounds, the lowest I've been in a loooooong time. I'm not sure if it's due to the new vegetarianism, doing Jillian's 30-Day Shred & Jazzercise, or eating healthier/greener. Probably a combination of all of it, but I'm thrilled!
I'm Tickled Pink that my compost tumbler is already half full and that my little herb garden is thriving. I also started one of those upside down tomato plant growers. If that works out, we will move on to bigger and better things! I also shipped out my Get Your Green On gift pack to the winner from Duck Fest. It was chock full of Envirosax, Beecology products, a reusable coffee cup, Yes To Carrots lip balm, some Twist dish scrubbies, and a few other GREEN things. So of course I had to use the cute lil button Deb and I have. Speaking of Deb, she's got a GREEN post up today too, so please visit Menopausal New Mom now!

I am Tickled Pink about the bloggers I've recently started following over the last several days/weeks. Please check them out and leave 'em some love:

Andie at Sweet, Southern, Spirited. ---she is sweet & Southern, takes amazing photos!

Bumpkin on a Swing --Gulf Coast Gal giving it to us straight about the oil spill.

The Grasshoppa Triplets Plus Two Momma --Smart Car stalker & Starbucks/Chapstick addict.

Francis over at This Inspires.Me I first knew her as @hipcop on Twitter. A total sweetheart.

Life Without Pink --Tina, a SAHM of two boys with lots of testosterone.

From Tracie --- Another Gulf Coast Girl, very passionate about the oil spill.

Nucking Futs Mama --hilarious mother of twins.First knew her as @nuckingfutsmama on Twitter.

I am also Tickled Pink to attend The Mommyologist's Prom on Monday, June 21, 2010. If you'd like to learn more about it or be my date (wink, wink), please read all about it here.  This prom is about those dresses that are smooshed and wrinkled up in the back of your closet. It's about proving that even though we're exhausted moms oft covered in snot, poop, and puke, we're still women underneath, and we're HAWT attractive. We don't value ourselves enough and we certainly don't consider ourselves sexy. But on Prom Night, I'm going to don that slinky dress from the dark recesses of my closet instead of hiding behind huge t-shirts, dirty jeans, and stained sweats. This will be my chance to show everyone that I clean up real good. And guess what? I'm not afraid to go stag. I don't need a date to this prom, I'm strong enough to stand alone Spanx and all. I'd be Tickled Pink if you'd join me and RSVP to Mary Mommyologist!

What are you Tickled Pink about?


Feeling Profoundly Responsible and Disturbed. Today is Day 50. And you'd better know what I'm talking about.

photo courtesy of http://www.boston.com/, AP Photo/Charlie Riedel
A bird is mired in oil on the beach at East Grand Terre Island along the
Louisiana coast on Thursday, June 3, 2010

When I saw this disturbing image on Twitter, it ripped my heart right out of my chest and shredded it into a million bloody pieces. If you've not yet seen these photos by AP Photographer Charlie Riedel about the oil spill, please go here, but I'm about to share some with you because I feel they need to be seen and shared. Stephanie over at Babes Rockin' Mami saw my tweet and we went back and forth about it, each of us equally disturbed and feeling helpless. Stephanie has a big heart and is also posting today about the oil spill. Please go visit her blog next if you haven't done so already. She has lots of other information and some different ways you can help. Thanks for linking up with me today, Stephanie! You rock!

Anyspill, around the same time on Twitter, I saw tweets about the seafood still being safe to eat. I tweeted back, "I don't care if the damn shrimp are still okay to eat, I care about the pelicans, ducks, birds, and other helpless animals." It angers me that people are worried about what's going to end up edible on their plates. I am from New Orleans, so I'm entitled to say this, but GET OVER IT. What is happening is unreal. Yes, seafood is a lively part of the region and an annual source of income for fisherman, etc. But you will survive without your shrimp poboys and oysters on the half shell. What about our planet, the Gulf, the innocent animals who are suffering at our hands, and our future---our children's future?

We are selfish. We use and abuse. We've taken this planet and turned it upside down. As for these defenseless animals? We're ruining their habitat in our greedy quest for oil. For those of you saying, "Oh, it's just a bird," imagine if it was your dog, your cat, or God forbid your child. Today is DAY 50 of this disaster. It's been said it could go on until autumn. Unacceptable. Horrifying. Profoundly disturbing.

A Brown Pelican sits in heavy oil on the beach at East Grand Terre Island along the Louisiana coast Thursday, June 3, 2010. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel via www.boston.com)

A Brown Pelican is seen on the beach at East Grand Terre Island along the Louisiana coast on Thursday, June 3, 2010. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel via www.boston.com)

According to Tina Susman and Julie Cart of the Los Angeles Times:

"Of the 820 birds found so far, 597 were dead and all 223 found alive have been visibly oiled...."

"There have been 70 sea turtles picked up in the state of Louisiana, 66 of them dead."

"The number of birds, reptiles, turtles, and mamals collected along the Gulf stood at 1,143 Sunday, 107 more than the previous day."

"In Texas, 46 dead birds were picked up, the first wildlife casualty reported from that state."

I was stunned to read that BP Senior Vice President, Bob Fryar, said Saturday that he was "very pleased" with the progress. Which strikes me as sick, seeing as the current cap (which isn't even working well) won't be replaced until next month. With hurricane season just around the corner, this could potentially become even more of a debacle, if that is even possible at this point.

I wanted to grab my kids and jump on a plane, enroll in training so that I could help clean the oil from the animals. But it's not realistic for me. It takes a while to become certified and I can't schlep from my mom's house in Metairie down to the coast daily with my kids in tow....so I'm brainstorming about other ways to help.

Something you can do---go to http://www.matteroftrust.org/. This organization is collecting hair from salons everywhere and making it into booms to absorb the oil. According to an article in today's Kansas City Star, BP is reluctant to use the hair booms because they aren't as bouyant, but they will be used. Local fisherman and others are working together to develop ways to make them more bouyant. A salon owner in Blue Springs says, "What else are we going to do with it? Even if it absorbs half the oil that Matter of Trust says it does, it's still doing something. It's still having an impact. Come on! BP's first attempt was putting trash and golf balls in the pipeline. How is that better than using hair?"

I heard about Matter of Trust in Savannah over the weekend. I was at a salon there getting my hair done for the wedding I was in and they had fliers posted about it. Let's get the word out. Tweet about it. Facebook about it. Contact your local salons, tell them about Matter of Trust. This is something little that we can all do to help. Greasy hair means hair collects oil, people!

I think the girls and I are due for haircuts this week. Anyone else? Before you go, visit the Matter of Trust site, print out some info, and bring it with you. Talk to the stylists. Spread the word.

You can also go to http://www.gulfaid.org/ to check out ways to donate to the cause. Please stop in over at change.org and read this. Finally, check out the Audubon Institute site.


My Best Friend's Wedding and Pooping in the Castle

The Father Load and I spent the weekend in Savannah, where my BFF got married. It was a fantastic weekend filled with fun, new friends, amazing food, Southern hospitality, and Moon Pies....

Heather (The Beautiful Bride) and I at the Bridal Luncheon at Vic's on the River.
Heather graciously lent us all fun hats so we could have
the quintessential Southern belle look at lunch.
Me, Beth (Maid of Honor), Heather, and Kristy
Heather welcomes her goddaughter, Cecilia, who was a fabulous flower girl.
Cecilia & her mom, Shakira (bridesmaid), at the luncheon.
Heather wipes her tears during her Aunt Claudia's speech. Heather's Grandma is on the right. Aunt Claudia and Grandma Johnson hosted the lovely and delicious luncheon. Shrimp and grits, MmMmMmmmmm!
Heather and her Maid of Honor, Beth, who have been friends since they were wee ones!
Beth did an incredible job and spent the entire time running errands, stuffing gift bags,
helping Heather, and making sure everything went smoothly & efficiently.

This is the speech I gave at the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding. Heather asked me for a copy and I really wanted to share it here as well:

When I think of Heather, the beach and the ocean instantly come to mind. It all started at Millsaps College (where we met our freshman year in 1994) because her car smelled sandy and salty--like vacation and fun things and happy memories.

Heather's heart and her capacity for love are like the ocean---boundless, vast, inviting, always pulling you in with its magical, magnetic current. Like the seagulls that land on shore, she sits quietly, waiting for you to need her. And then she is there.

I knew Heather was special from the moment I met her at Millsaps. It was our second night on campus and I was alone, homesick, and throwing myself quite the pity party in the hallway of Bacot 2nd West. Like a seagull, Heather alighted next to me and after asking what was wrong, admitted to being a bit homesick herself.

"Tomorrow is my birthday and no one knows me here or cares," I sobbed miserably. After reassuring me and talking me off the edge of the cliff, we went to bed in our respective rooms.

The next morning as I headed out into the hall to the shower, I was greeted by an enormous handmade birthday banner and decorations.

She knew.
She's always known.

Like the ebbs and flows of the tide, Heather always comes back to me. She'll wash up on shore again just when you need her, like a message in a bottle or a perfect seashell you pick up and brush the wet sand off to take home---a treasure.

Mike, you have found quite the treasure.

In the Marshall House lobby right before heading to the church...

Pointing to our (Phi Mu) sisters forever bond, our matching tattoos on our right hips!

Flower girls and ring bearer walking up the aisle at Sacred Heart Church.
Me coming down the aisle
Heather heading down the aisle with her Dad, Hal.
Hal as he's about to give the gorgeous Heather away...awwww!

Perhaps the funniest part of the wedding aside from the fact that I'm a Jew and I was sitting in a Catholic church was the conversation going on directly behind me between my fellow bridesmaid, Shakira, and her daughter Cecilia. My shoulders were shaking with laughter and surely everyone wondered what was going on. ** please note that Cecilia is 2 1/2, precocious, potty training, and was wearing Pull Ups during the ceremony. Cecilia also considers all churches "castles." This conversation was copied directly from Shakira's blog with her permission because she tells it better:

Cecilia: Mami, is this a castle?

Shakira: Yes baby, this is a castle.

Cecilia: Mami, Titi Heather is a princess?

Shakira: Yes baby, Titi Heather is a princess. Shhh Shhh

Cecilia: Mami, I got to go potty. Mami, I poopie in the castle?

Shakira: No baby, there is NO POOPIE IN THE CASTLE! (said in my best mommy whisper)

Cecilia: Mami, Blanca Nieves (Snow White) poopie in the castle.

Shakira: Yes baby, but this is not Blanca Nieves' castle and we can't get up to go to the potty. That's why you are wearing a Pull-Up today.

Cecilia: Mami, accidents happen, I pee pee in my Pull-Up.
This is Shakira with her other daughter, Gabi at the reception at The Pink House.
The first dance as bride and groom!
At the Savannah airport yesterday, who should we run into but Shakira & her fam?
So glad I got to meet you all!

Heather thought of every detail and planned a beautiful, extravagant and special wedding, including goodie bags for all of her guests.They were reusable totes stuffed with bottled water, Cokes, homemade cookies, homemade Georgia-themed magnets, and MOON PIES!!! I saved mine for the girls, and they dug in last night:

Thank you, Heather, for a wonderful weekend! We had a blast and I felt so privileged to be a part of it. Thank you also to your parents and Mike's, and to all of your family and friends who made me feel so welcome. CONGRATULATIONS!

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