I Just Have a Soul Full of Ladybugs.

inspired by a prompt yesterday via Blissdom Wisdom Workshops

I just have... wildflowers in my heart

I just have... poetry pouring out of a hole in my head.

I just have... eyes that are puffy from tears I hold back. Or the tears I can't.

I just have....love etched on my arms.

I just have... a soul full of ladybugs, butterflies, and songbirds.

I just have....aching, papery skin that shrinks away from touch.

I just have...fireworks of longing going off inside me, hues of purple, pink, and orange.

I just have...spiderwebs in places that I've left closed off for years.

I just have...a stomach that stays knotted up like some old rope on a ship.

I just have...an empty womb where swan songs were once sung.

I just have...a heaviness that's too big to hold.

I just have...brown eyes that want to see inside you, see if you're real.

I just have...an angry tendency to compare.

I just have...so much love for others, yet so little for myself.


Cluttered Brain said...

Aww. Love this.
You just have so much love for others and not for yourself?
Consider this a ((HUG)) From me to you.
Now you gotta ((HUG)) yourself.
Erin my dear, you are wonderful.
And a lovely writer.
And a lucky girl who got to attend Blissdom.
I'm glad I know you!

DaisyGal said...

oh What a glorious..beautiful post. Your words are just amazing.

Liz said...

This is beautiful, just like you. You have SO MUCH. My desire today is that you give more to yourself, imagine how much more love you can give if you are filled with self love? Out of this world. I love you.

Jenna said...

beautiful, raw, vulnerable, and honest. I dont know if you know that I L O V E TWLOHA, and Im so glad you tagged this post with it. *HUG*

@susanlorelei said...

Erin ... Erin ... Erin

Take a break and be extra kind to yourself. You are a beautiful writer and a wonderful woman.

Do something special just for you because you deserve it.

singedwingangel said...

You just have so much to give and a fear of giving too much and being hurt.. You just have the desire to please everyone while forgetting about yourself.. You just have a worry thta you will never compare to the invisible standards you envision other people having..
You just have a gift with words
You just have the ability for anyone to see your heart if you just let loose..
You just have too many people who hang on your every word and cannot wait till you spill your heart and mind on the page..
You just have so many that love YOU , just YOU not your words, or your deeds but YOU, and I wish you could open your eyes and see that you always have just enough when you need it. Trust us to catch you if you lean back and fall

Cathy said...

That last line...caused my eyes to tear up. I know people like you, people who are constantly doubting themselves. I want to shake them, and you; I want to let you see yourself through my eyes; I want you to hold your head high and love yourself. There's no reason not to.

MJ said...

That's bad poetry? Makes me wonder what your 'good' poetry is!

I came by last week (via Pretty All True) and read some of your posts - your writing is powerful. Love it.

Leighann said...

Fantastic post, I hope you're enjoying Blissdom!

Miss Sadie said...

Truly marvellous!

tsonodablog said...

Nice post Erin.

Jessica said...

This is amazing and powerful. Just beautiful.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

So much expressed in those words. You amaze me with your writing abilities. May you explode with your thoughts and feelings through words. You've got plenty of listeners.

Shelly Kramer said...

My wish for you, Erin, is that you can someday (soon, please) stop doubting yourself, comparing yourself, judging yourself and finding yourself wanting.

Every time I come to your blog (and it's often) I see your many friends telling you how talented and kind and lovely you are.

What will it ever take for you to believe them?

What will it take for you to believe in yourself?

And, because I love you so, I'll ask you this hard question -- if you don't believe in yourself, how can you teach your daughters to believe in themselves? If you don't value yourself and your abilities, how can you teach them to value themselves?

They need you to do that. They need their mom to value herself.

Do it for them if that's the impetus that you need. But most importantly, do it for you, my love.

Do it for you.

Just believe.

You are worthy. And the only thing getting in your way of you believing that is you.



mama-face said...

okay. we're twins. except for the brown eyes part... i'm a blue eyed girl.

You have so much love in your heart and that draws people to you. That is a real gift.


Nancy C said...

Sigh...I love ladybugs. And you. Fly freely, friend.

Rebecca said...

aww I loved this. Lady bugs are so sweet.
Totally hear ya on,
"I just have....aching, papery skin that shrinks away from touch."
Been so dry in my house as it's been so cold outside. We turned the heat up and my skin can't keep up. LOL

From Tracie said...


I have no words that will enhance this piece of art further. It is perfect.

Shorty said...

i totally love reading when you write from your soul!

Neely said...

Brilliant post. Loved meeting you and cant wait to keep reading your blog! You are fabulous :) Loved the scarf :)

Big Mama Cass said...

As always you are amazing. Wow. This was beyond beautiful. It made me tear up. It was... wow. I loved it. Seriously... wow

Elaine A. said...

Well, this was amazing and beautiful, just like you.

And you don't "just" have all these things. Even though some of them may not be your preference, you have them all because they make up part of who you are, good or bad.

Learning to love ourselves is a process and I know you are on your way my dear...

Eric Hutchins said...

You really are very very good at this. Hopefully someday you will believe that also. It really doesn't matter how many of us tell you that you are. It matters when you accept it. Until then, Don't stop, because the future you will be glad you had the courage to keep going.

My Bottle's Up! said...


Missy@Wonder, Friend said...

This is gorgeous. You have so much - so much talent, so much life and fun and generosity. You are more than enough.

I loved getting to meet you. My hope for you is that you can see yourself the way we all see you.


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